Pet dog Dolan

Dog: Dolan (Great Dane) – Chicago, IL

April 22, 2019 Pet Lover 0

Dolan Lorenzo von Matterhorn Velde Victor III was born May 6, 2009 near Indianapolis, IN. During his younger years he lived with a family who had several dogs and a cat. He was primarily kept outdoors. One day the family could no longer afford to feed Dolan; he was severely [more ….]

Pet dog: Milo - Russian Mouse Hound

Dog: Milo (Russian Mouse Hound) – L.A., CA

March 23, 2019 Pet Lover 2

Dog: Milo (Russian Mouse Hound) – (Jan 2003 – Mar 14, 2019) We adopted Milo in January 2006 from a dog rescue group who had rescued him from city animal center in San Diego California.  Milo lived with us in our three homes in Brentwood and he never strayed. Milo [more ….]

Dog: Bruno - Pit Bull

Dog: Bruno (Pit Bull) – Warren, AR

February 2, 2019 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Bruno (Pit Bull) – Warren, AR (Jan 6, 2017 – Jan 27, 2019) Bruno was a beautiful 120 pound lovable baby. He loved to fetch sticks and could even be seen from time to time leaping in the air trying to get low hanging branches out of the trees, [more ….]

Bessie - English Bulldog

Dog: Bessie (English Bulldog) – Bal Harbor, FL

February 1, 2019 Pet Lover 1

Our princess Bessie passed to the peaceful side 1/2619. Bessie was born, but of course, on 2/14 07. I say “of course” because this living being gave more LOVE than being I’ve ever met in my 54 years. Anyone who came into contact with her HAD TO STOP and be kissed [more ….]