Dog Joey

Dog: Joey

November 12, 2018 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Joey (Died May 17th, 2017) Joey was the most affectionate, loyal, loving, playful, nurturing and happy little dog I’ve ever known. We discovered him through a Wire Fox Terrier rescue agency back in 2008 that specializes in finding forever homes for displaced/homeless dogs. I have no doubt that a [more ….]

Dog: Rudy (Miniature Schnauzer)

Dog: Rudy (Miniature Schnauzer) – Greenwood, DE

November 3, 2018 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Rudy (Miniature Schnauzer) – Greenwood, DE Born 12/2015 in Greenwood Delaware and went home to doggie heaven 11/2/2018 peacefully with his mommy and daddy by his side in Camden Delaware. Rudy Trivits, a salt and pepper colored miniature schnauzer lived a long and joyful life. As a pup Rudy’s [more ….]

Dog: Lebron (German Shorthair)

Dog: Lebron (German Shorthair) – Antioch, CA

October 15, 2018 Pet Lover 4

Dog: LeBron (German Shorthair) – Antioch, CA (Died Oct 12, 2018) It’s hard to believe I was just on this site to memorialize Joey on Sunday. Today I lost LeBron, aka Boomie. Although they were not born brothers, they spent 8 years together and became brothers.

Dog - Joey (German shorthair)

Dog: Joey (German Shorthair) – Antioch, CA

October 9, 2018 Pet Lover 2

Dog: Joey (German Shorthair) – Antioch, CA (Died Oct 7, 2018) My husband and I rescued Joey when he was seven. He had been terribly abused and was skin and bones. I lost my husband 3 years ago and Joey and his brother Boomie saved me. I gave Joey lots [more ….]

Dog: Kilo - Presa Canario

Dog: Kilo (Presa Canario) – San Antonio TX

September 27, 2018 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Kilo (Presa Canario) – San Antonio TX – (Sep 13, 2009 – Sep 24, 2018) Kilo lived a long happy life. He never went without and he appreciated everything we did for him. He gave his love to everyone in the family unselfishly. There never was a day he [more ….]

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Dog: Bandit (Daschund Mix) – Plano, TX

September 19, 2018 Pet Lover 1

Dog: Bandit (Daschund Mix) – Plano, TX (May 11, 2011 to Sep 17, 2018) Bandit was a sweet and gentle pup. He loved life and people. I was Bandit’s sitter, eventually, he became my little Loving Rescue. Will forever love and miss him. R.I.P. my precious pup. It is said [more ….]

Dog: Bacchas

Dog: Bacchas

September 13, 2018 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Bacchas (Jun 2005 – Sept 11, 2018) What can I say. Bacchas was the best Blessing ever. Am so thankful for our 13 years together. They almost got us, but they didn’t. We had time to say goodbye and that’s more than anyone can ask for. God is with [more ….]

Dog: Snickers

July 19, 2018 Pet Lover 0

Snickers was only 3 and ½ years old. We were going to the dog park and I did not have him on his leesh. He ran into the street and was hit by a motor home. He died instantly As I picked him up, I can’t quit crying. I miss [more ….]