Toothless - Breed: Bearded Dragon reptile

Bearded Dragon: Toothless (Milwaukee, WI)

June 6, 2020 Pet Lover 7

Bearded Dragon: Toothless (Milwaukee, WI) – Died May 27, 2020 After losing my daughter, I bought Toothless from a hobbyist friend of mine. He quickly became my best friend and I even made sure he was allowed to be in the coffee shop, where I married my new wife at. [more ….]

pet Iguana

Iguana: Terry (Auburndale, FL)

May 5, 2016 Pet Lover 1

Iguana: Terry Ray Dietz (Auburndale, FL) – Nov 1, 2004 – Apr 27, 2016 She was my baby. I will never forget you. RIP my sweet princess. Mommy misses and loves you!