Dog: Cali (Boxer – Pit Bull Mix)

Dog: Cali (Boxer - Pit Bull Mix)

Dog: Cali (Boxer / Pit Bull mix) – Mar 2013 – Jan 3, 2021

Cali came to us on March 9th, 2013 after being found by animal control in a massive heat wave in July.  She has no food or water in a rabbit cage and had a 10lb pad lock chain wrapped around her neck as well as zip ties all over the crate. When Cali was found and rescued by animal control she smelled so bad she has to have multiple bath to get her clean. 

Cali was taken to the local vet and had a broken collar bone and fractured ribs and they believe she was only a year old. We found her on Facebook looking for a good home.  She came into our home and our lives and it was like she knew this was her home and knew she belonged here with us.

We had a great 4 years. She loved walking in the woods, going for rides in the car, laying on the couch, meeting other dogs, chasing rabbits, and eating her treats. She snored so loud that the floor would vibrate when she laid on the floor. She stole the whole bed. You were lucky if you have an inch of room. She loved laying out in the sun. Barking at the mail lady.

Cali loved to go to Dunkin Donuts and sharing a coffee cake muffin with my son.  She would take them to school every morning with me. This girl was my co pilot and shadow. That was until may of 2017 came and she was diagnosed with Soft tissue sarcoma in her front left leg.

We had the cancer removed 3 times until July of 2020. The cancer grew again and now there was not 1 but 2 tumors growing and unfortunately there was no more tissue for the vet to do anymore surgeries on my girl. In December my heart knew she was very very sick as the cancer has spread throughout her whole body and her time here with us was very limited.  

Cali gave us such a great Christmas as she was able to spend it with us. It is one I will never forget.  I was able to have a portrait of Cali with my children all together.  Cali told me on Jan 3rd at 2am she was just too tired to fight anymore and the pain was too much to bear and that she needed to go and gain her wings. I promised her that I would never let her suffer, so I honored her wishes.

I was able to be with her for every step of the way and I let her go at 11:25 am. It was the hardest and most gut wrenching day of my life.

We love you Cali and we will never ever forget you. You were my “Caligirl”

💜💜 RIP my girl.. love you  always 

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