Dog: Karl (Bichon Frise) – Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dog: Karl (Bichon Frise)

Dog: Karl (Bichon Frise) – Toronto, Ontario Canada (2010 – Dec 15, 2020)

Karl was adopted in November 2015, when he was five-years old. He was taken to the shelter when his human mom got pregnant and eventually, his dad let go of him.

He was sad and in deep depression and became so detached from the world, that it took me several months before I gained his trust. And when I did, he was so attached to me and followed me wherever I went.  Karl was my devoted friend, constant companion and my therapist.

He was also the reason why I woke up each morning, giving me motivation and made me laugh in his own ways. Although grumpy because of his past trauma, he sort of became a clown and my enthusiasm to write again came back.

I am still devastated and down in the dumps when he left me behind before Christmas of 2020. I feel so empty and lonely for losing my beloved dog. I always miss him. Life is never the same without him by my side. I love him so much!

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