Cat: Merlin (DSH) – Virginia Beach, VA

cat Merlin

Cat: Merlin (DSH) – Virginia Beach, VA (May 2019 – Aug 31, 2023)

Merlin was the lovingest, gentlest cat I have ever had. He was a peculiar little guy. He enjoyed playing with his favorite mouse, sunning himself on the balcony, and yelling at us for food.

cat Merlin

He loved to stretch all his toes out every day and to make air biscuits in the evening. I’m certain he was casting spells on ghosts ❤️.

cat Merlin

Merlin you left us way to soon and we were in no way prepared for your loss. I can’t believe I won’t hear your sweet little voice again.

cat Merlin

You fought hard and I know your pain is now gone. You made our world a better place, I will love you always.

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