Dog: Mac (Border Collie) – Notus, ID

Dog: Mac (Border Collie)

Dog: Mac (Border Collie) – Notus, ID (Oct 18, 2010 to Apr 03, 2023)

Mac was my companion for nearly 13 years. The last 9 years were spent inseparable. My life revolved around him and including him in everything I did.  If I couldn’t include him, I wouldn’t do it.

He was a teacher who taught me what it means to care beyond just for myself. By his example I learned what innocence is, what unconditional stands for. He was the foundation for keeping my life steady on the right track. He was loyal, faithful, trusting, didn’t argue, didn’t complain, always wanted to be by my side and lived to please me.

I often wondered what I did to deserve him. More often than not I felt I didn’t deserve him. I felt I had no right to have something so pure in my life. But he became a part of me and my need for him grew greater every year.  In our time together we developed an intimacy and bond that was so deep and intense that we became part of each other.

Now, a part of me is missing. His loss happened suddenly, unexpectant, without warning right in front of me while we were in bed. I was able to quickly put my arms and hands on him in an effort to comfort him through something I didn’t understand was going on.

Within 30 seconds all I was able to do was watch him take his last breath while my hand felt his heart stop beating. I was at a loss and overwhelmed by how helpless I felt . . .  how helpless I was. His passing devastated me. It has left me shaken, unnerved and has had a traumatic effect on my life.

While Mac was not my whole life, he made my life whole. He was my confidant and my most loyal and trusted friend.  He gave me an unconditional, reliable and safe way to love with all my heart.

I cherish the Love he brought into my life, treasure the memories of our life together and will miss him the rest of my life.  

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