Dog: BeBe CoCo (Chic/Pom)

Dog: BeBe CoCo Pomeranian

Dog: BeBe CoCo (Chic/Pom) – Born: 2007 – Passed Away: Nov 16, 2021

I’ve raised her for 12 and a half months, since my mom passed away last year. BeBe is great dog, who I loved a lot. She will never be forgotten. She loves traveling with me. Her very first time going was to Beach Wildwood NJ and Ocean City MD.

She missed her Buddy dog Elvis, as the dogs loved walking together. She loves to follow me wherever I go. She loves treats too. She also sleeps by me every night.

BeBe has been coughing for a month and had a trachea. She had been sleeping lot and lost one pound. She is now reunited my late parents.

I miss her so much and her memories will never fade. 💜🤟🏼🥰 

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