Guinea Pig: Snickers – Clearwater, FL

Guinea Pig: Snickers – Clearwater, FL (Nov 22, 2009 – Jun 12, 2015) Snickers had a playful and energetic lifestyle. Everyone who came around him enjoyed playing with him and giving him his favorite fruits and vegetables as a treat. He enjoyed lounging around on the bed, or running around on the floor. He brought so much laughter and cheerfulness into the family and we will miss him dearly, however…

Guinea Pig: Bugsy (Abyssinian) – Singapore

Guinea Pig: Bugsy (Abyssinian) – Singapore (Dec 9, 2008 – Dec 2, 2014) Bugsy, we will always remember you and the joy you have brought to us. We will miss your companionship at night with your timely squealing reminding us to go to bed early. We will miss your morning greeting when we are preparing for school or work. Most importantly, we will miss cuddling you … RIP, Bugsy

Hamster: Paisley (Syrian Hamster) – MA

Hamster: Paisley (Syrian Hamster) – MA (Jan 26, 2012 – Nov 4, 2013) My heart is so broken. I cannot believe you are gone. You were the smartest hamster I have ever known. I miss your funny antics and your beautiful face. The house is so empty without you. I hope you are happy and safe and at peace. Please know how much you are loved and missed sweet girl!…

Guinea Pig: Chloe (Voorheesville, NY)

My sweet guinea pig Chloe died July 7, 2013, which was almost 2 months ago. I loved her so much. And everybody else did too. She loved lettuce, dandelion greens, and especially her great owners. RIP Chloe

Hamster: Pablo Anderson-Neff (Chesterfield, MO)

Hamster: Pablo Anderson-Neff (Chesterfield, MO) – Died Aug 22, 2013 Pablo was a wonderful hamster and lived a very active life. He was loved by everyone that met him, and enjoyed playtime. At home, he received the best care and enormous amounts of love from his owner, Aubrey. He enjoyed the special treats and listening to her voice. There was never a better hamster owner, he is so grateful for…

Guinea Pig: Tulip – Clarksville, IN

Guinea Pig: Tulip – Clarksville, IN (Oct 2007 – Jun 8, 2013) I lost my 5 1/2 year old guinea pig, Tulip, Saturday, June 8, 2013, at 4:15PM. She fought a battle with congestive heart failure for five years. I loved her so much and gave my girl the best home I could. She was my first piggy and a real character.

Guinea Pig: Buffy – Clarksville, IN

Guinea Pig: Buffy – Clarksville, IN (Oct 2010 – May 15, 2013) Buffy was a loving guinea pig who enjoyed cuddles. She was the mother of Ginger. I was happy to have had her in my life for a little over two years. I wish we could have known each other longer, but it was not to be. I am thankful for the time we had together.

Rat: Eddie (Fancy Rat) – Canada, ON

Rat: Eddie (Fancy Rat) – Canada, ON (Feb 2012 – Jul 14, 2012) I still remember the first day that I bought him. It was a sunny day, with maybe a few clouds. I was going to the pet store, with no big plans on buying a new pet after my 3 mice (Patches, Pikachu, and Sable) died. I walked into the pet store like usual, just browsing with my…