by Pet Lover on July 21, 2013

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Dog: Mischa

by Pet Lover on November 23, 2014

pet dog Mischa
I love you so much my baby Mischa.

Miss you! Rest in peace in dog heaven.

Love you, love you!


Dog: Tito (Beagle) – NJ

by Pet Lover on November 23, 2014

pet dog Tito - Beagle
Dog: Tito (Beagle) – NJ (July 11, 2001 – Nov 19, 2014)

Titomaguido! You have no idea how much we miss you! You will always have a place in our hearts.

We love and miss you everyday. May you rest in peace.



Dog: Maggie (Poodle) Buffalo Grove, IL

by Pet Lover on November 15, 2014

pet dog - Maggie - Poodle

Our beloved pet dog Maggie was born in March 1999 and died in November 2014.

Her Loving Family – Andy, Nancy, & Roy


Dog: Blacky (Malta)

by Pet Lover on November 13, 2014

pet dog - Blacky
Dog: Blacky (Malta) – 1994 to Oct 28, 2014

It was Christmas time and where I live we had a live crib. one day during the night someone came in, stole baby jesus and tied Blacky in the crib instead. She was heavily pregnant.

From that day on she was my companion, my best friend! She lived a happy life until the 28th October when animal welfare found her in the by pass hit by a car. Till this day I still don’t know how she managed to go there.
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Dog: Bruce – German Shepherd (Malta)

by Pet Lover on November 13, 2014

pet dog Bruce
Dog: Bruce – German Shepherd (Malta) – Nov 12, 2003 to Sep 19, 2012

My dearest Bruce, my shadow, my best friend. No words can describe the pain I feel everyday from when I lost you, wish I could still have that soft cuddle from you! Miss you sooo much xxx

Love always, mum


Dog: Domino (Malta)

by Pet Lover on November 12, 2014

pet dog Domino
Dog: Domino (Malta) Nov 1, 2003 to July 15, 2013

It was January 2004 when I adopted you from SPCA. You were a funny little dog always looking for trouble but you were my baby. Unfortunately cancer took you away from me and you crossed the Rainbow Bridge almost 10 years later.

You passed away at home, in my arms.

Miss you my little trouble maker! Xxx


Dog: Sheila

by Pet Lover on November 9, 2014

pet dog Sheila
Our beloved pet dog Sheila was born in 1997 and died November 27, 2011.

She was such a joyful dog.


Dog: Bruce (Chihuahua) – Malta

by Pet Lover on November 6, 2014

Pet Dog: Bruce - Chihuahua
Dog: Bruce (Chihuahua) – Malta (Died Nov 5, 2014)

A tribute to Bruce:
Bruce joined mum Sandra and dad Enrich at the tender age of just a few weeks. An unwanted Xmas gift and rescued in the nick of time from being taken to the SPCA, he was too young to feed by himself, so he was weaned patiently by his mum to become a strong and loving boy.

Nicknamed ‘cowhauhua’ due to his brown and white markings, Bruce was a good boy and brought great joy to his family over the years. He was showered with much love and attention, and the odd scolding when he misbehaved.
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Dog: Tiger – New Delhi, India

by Pet Lover on November 4, 2014

Pet Dog: Tiger
Dog: Tiger (Dec 6, 2006 – Oct 27, 2014) – New Delhi, India

My 7 year old, four legged child TIGER, said to us goodbye forever, to be in a better world, near GOD.

ABUNDANCE OF LOVE he had, with which he filled our life and he loved all, even those who who did not like him initially.

SELFLESS AFFECTION he taught us, for his love had no politics, no opportunism, no motives, no complaints.
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