by Pet Lover on July 21, 2013

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Cat: Elliot Gee (GG) - Cornish Rex
Cat: Elliot Gee (GG) – Cornish Rex (1999 – 2014)

When most pets die, they really don’t get any type of special markings for their grave.

But since I am special, I have a whole tree. A special tree – the Rod and Linda tree. The tree received that name because at the top it has two separate, intertwined trees, but they come together to form a single tree base.

I am the first one to be buried at the base of this tree. Let me share a little bit about my life with you.
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Dog: Squeeshy (Chihuahua Mix)

by Pet Lover on April 7, 2014

Dog: Squeeshy (Chihuahua Mix)
Dog: Squeeshy (Chihuahua Mix) – Sep 27, 2013 – Apr 7, 2014

Today, our little girl Squeeshy went home to doggy heaven. Squeeshy will never be forgotten. You will always be in our hearts.

Squeeshy was little but she was feisty, always running after her sisters and brothers.

We will always love and miss you.
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Cat: Abyll - Domestic Short Hair
Cat: Abyll (Domestic Short Hair) Grand Rapids, MI (May 17, 1996 – Mar 31, 2014)

Sadly, it was time to say good-bye to our sweet loving Abyll. Hopefully he’s somewhere playing with his brother Kayne on the other side.

Abyll was doing well in his old age. Sure, he was on meds for his kidneys and thyroid, but seemed to be holding up fairly well. Last week though, he stopped eating and we knew something was wrong when he wouldn’t even eat his treats.

He was starting to get sick, so we thought maybe one of the meds was upsetting his stomach. Unfortunately, the vet found a mass in his stomach as well as fluid in his chest area. The vet suggested the best thing to do was put him at peace. Mentally, I wasn’t ready to put him down as I was hoping for another year or so with him.
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Dog: Monster Pee Wee Posey (Reindeer Chihuahua)
Dog: Monster Pee Wee Posey (Reindeer Chihuahua) Bremen, GA (Aug 2003 – Feb 2014)

This Unique Spiritual Gift was sent to me by nothing short of a Miracle as would His entire Life with me prove to be just that, a Miracle.

The one word everyone used who met him was “NOBLE” and was exactly what He was in every way. Loving and Protective of all life and creatures he was a source of constant Spiritual Connection to a Greater Creator.

He became my Service Companion simply out of Love who trained himself and was later certified to aide in my Medical Care. His Intelligence, Love, Kindness, Acceptance and Respect and Spirituality never ceased to amaze anyone who met him.
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Dog: Sunshine (Lab – Staffordshire Terrier Mix)

by Pet Lover on March 22, 2014

Sunshine was a Lab and Staffordshire terrier mix who came into my life in 2005 when my son brought her home from Alaska. She visited off and on until I formally became hers in September 2008…

Noticing a sudden slowing down in January along with noticeable weight loss she was diagnosed with lymphoma in February. She also had arthritis and her back, hips and legs were painful. The last few days her legs wobbled and she preferred to lie down on her tummy.
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Cat: Sprout McGuire – Radford, VA

by Pet Lover on March 11, 2014

Pet cat: Sprout McGuire
Cat: Sprout McGuire – Radford, VA (Aug 30, 2001 – Feb 6, 2014)

Gone too soon was a love,
I shall never capture or hold
Ever again, in my heart, like it was.
I am left with only a spirit of the love I had for him.
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Dog: Pupi (Rottweiler Mix) Jupiter, FL

by Pet Lover on March 1, 2014

Pet Dog: Pupi (Rottweiler Mix)
Dog: Pupi (Rottweiler Mix) Jupiter, FL

Born April 2003 – Died March 1, 2014


Pet Dog: Muneca (German Shepard - Chow)
Dog: Muneca (German Shepard – Chow) Jupiter, FL

Born October 1999 – Died June 2013


Cat: Oddball – Gap, PA

by Pet Lover on February 24, 2014

Pet cat: Oddball
Cat: Oddball – Gap, PA (Sep 2, 2002 – Feb 21, 2014)

Oddball was a miracle. He survived diabetes for years, shots twice a day for two years and was a playful, laid back, calm and loving cat. He was my baby and my life.

He would wait till his brothers and sisters ate, never would fight, loved his toys and cat bed. When I needed him he was always around

I love you Oddball.