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Fond Pet Memories is a free, virtual memorial for your family to remember the loving pet that brought many years of happiness to your household. Losing a dear pet can be a devastating event. Create an online pet memorial to share with friends and family. To add your deceased pet obituary to our online pet cemetery, please click here: Submit Pet’s Obituary

Dog: Nemo (Chihuahua / Terrier) – Concord, CA

Dog: Nemo (Chihuahua / Terrier)

Dog: Nemo (Chihuahua / Terrier) – Concord, CA (Died May 10, 2017) Nemo was my best friend when I had asthma attacks he was next to me watching over me. ​When I cried, he would lick my tears and I can tell he felt my pain. ​ When my son was in the hospital, we snuck him in a baby stroller to see him. ​He was loved by everyone and…

Cat: Sadie (Domestic Short Hair) – Danville KY

Pet cat - Sadie - Domestic Short Hair

Cat: Sadie (Domestic Short Hair) – Danville KY (Aug 22, 2001 – April 24, 2017) Sadie was my loyal companion and friend for 13 years. I got her when she was 3. She was a sweet, affectionate cat who liked to lick, to show her affection. She liked scratching on her posts and smelling and her catnip. She was a lap kitty and liked to cuddle at night. I knew…

Dog: Missy (Teacup Chihauha)

pet heaven

My Baby Missy Was Born 3/6/2010 and Went To Be With Our Lord 3/3/2017. She Was A Very Beautiful Teacup Chihauha and Always So Happy All The Time. She would lay on her back to rub her belly and got much attention from everyone. She slept with me every night and I would rub her belly and talk and sometimes I would cry and she licked my tears. Always So…

Dog: Buddy – Inwood, WV

Pet dog Buddy

Dog: Buddy – Inwood, WV (Died April 13, 2017) Buddy was an important member of the family, but he didn’t fit the norm for a dog. ​He was a sweet and innocent creature that loved everyone with whom he came in contact with. His daddy loved him very much and can only hope that he shares his love of tickles and snacks with those on the other side. ​He will…

Dog: Cooper (Lab) – Shenandoah Valley & Charlottesville, Virginia

Dog Cooper - black Lab

Dog: Cooper (Lab) – Shenandoah Valley & Charlottesville, Virginia (June 25, 2005 – April 11, 2017) “We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. ​ Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan.” — Irving Townsend….

Dog: Buddy (Softwire Dachshund) – Corning, NY

Pet dog Buddy - Softwire Dachshund

Dog: Buddy (Softwire Dachshund) – Corning, NY (Oct 4, 2005 – Apr 7, 2017) Buddy was the runt of his litter and wasn’t eating so the breeder was going to cull him. The pet store owner knew that I had retired and asked me if I would “home him” and try to get him eating. After about three months of force feeding him a special high protein paste, I was…

Cat: RiRi (Black/Brown Tabby Calico) – DeFuniak Springs, FL

Cat: RiRi - Black/Brown Tabby Calico

Cat: RiRi (Black/Brown Tabby Calico) – DeFuniak Springs, FL (Apr 15, 2010 – Mar 29, 2017) Grand Dutchess Anastazjah Marie “RiRi” Densmore-Haire, I’ve known you since you were a little kitty and bound into my life. I knew that your first year was difficult, but you were always there for me. We’ve been through a lot. You and I, with many different people in our lives, and many different places…

Cat: Max (Russian Blue) – Houston, TX

Max - Russian Blue cat

Cat: Max (Russian Blue) – Houston, TX (Dec 2003 – Dec 24, 2016) The very difficult decision to euthanize Max had to be made today. ​ She was hit hard by pancreatitis and mast cell cancer in her spleen and the diseases took her quickly. ​ We lost her far too early in life. I adopted Max from my friend Susan because Susan found out she was allergic to cats….