by Pet Lover on July 16, 2015

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Dog: Willy (Golden Retriever) – Bristol, CT

by Pet Lover on August 25, 2015

Pet Dog  Willy - Golden Retriever
Dog: Willy (Golden Retriever) – Bristol, CT (Apr 19, 2002 – Aug 24, 2015)

This is our best friend Willy, who will forever be in our hearts. You have touched so many lives in your past 13 years with us. We will love you always and forever.

So this is where we part, My Friend,
And you’ll run on, around the bend.
Gone from sight, but not from mind,
new pleasures there you’ll surely find.
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Dog: Asia (Shar Pei)

by Pet Lover on August 11, 2015

Dog: Asia (Aug 27, 2004 – Aug 10, 2015)

Asia was the light of our lives and brought us so much joy. Nothing pleased her more than playing with her toys and eating us out of house and home.

Once she stopped greeting us everyday with her favorite toy and got to be a picky eater, we knew it wouldn’t be much longer.
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Dog: Abby (Golden Retriever)

by Pet Lover on July 21, 2015

Dog: Abby (Golden Retriever)
Dog: Abby (Golden Retriever) -Sep 11, 2007 – July 16, 2015

This is my best friend ABBY, she was always with me through the good and bad times. She is a Golden Retriever, She was born o Sept 11, 2007, and passed away on July 16, 2015, of a mass she had on her spleen ruptured.

To me there was not a better dog around, she was fantastic to be with and spend time with. She was happy and so loveable to everyone she met. It’s so hard for me to explain her person-ality and how friendly she was with everyone.

She will really be missed in the family.


Pet Dog: Piper Blue (Pettit Bassett Griffon Mix)
Dog: Piper Blue (Pettit Bassett Griffon Mix) – Maple Grove, MN
(June 05, 2005 – July 11, 2015)

Like any great pet I think they choose us rather than we choose them and that is the case with our beautiful Piper Blue. My wife had seen a picture of dog on an adoption site and made an appointment to see the dog.

When she arrived, the dog barked at her and was not friendly at all! However another dog there, which was quite skinny with coarse hair, looking very much like a ragamuffin, walked to my wife’s feet and laid her head gentle against her hand. My wife was smitten immediately with this skinny disheveled looking dog.
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Dog: Chipper (Chihuahua) – Demorest, GA

by Pet Lover on July 5, 2015

Pet Dog: Chipper - Chihuahua
Dog: Chipper (Chihuahua) – Demorest, GA (Sep 21, 2001 – Jul 03, 2015)

Chipper was a great best friend and loyal dog. With a unique personality of independence, but also loving to all he met. He would speak without command to let you know he loved you or wanted extra attention.

Always happy, and had great compassion if he knew you were sad, sick, or upset. He was loved by all that knew him, and is, and always will be, sorely missed.

He passed away the way he lived, in peace and dignity.


Cat: Oreo – Medina, NY

by Pet Lover on July 5, 2015

Cat: Oreo – Medina, NY (1997- 2007)

In loving memory of a sweet and loving pet, Oreo the cat. At the age of 5 weeks, her previous owners fed her too much and caused her to develop Obesity, which got worse overtime to the point where her weight caused her to break limbs. She was given to another family in 2002.

Sadly, In 2007, Oreo’s obesity overtook her and she was put to sleep. Oreo was loved by two families, including her second family, a family of 3 and lived a good life.

She will always be in our thoughts. R.I.P Oreo <3


Pet Cat: Sophie - Pastel Torti - DSH
Cat: Sophie (Pastel Torti – DSH) – Kingston, ON (2002 – Jul 1, 2015)

Without warning, we lost our beautiful grey girl as a result of acute kidney failure. We are deeply saddened by her unexpected loss.

She was a gentle lady with a fondness for all milk products.
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Cat: Sylvester – Easley, SC

by Pet Lover on June 28, 2015

Cat: Sylvester – Easley, SC (Died Jun 27, 2015)

He was 18 and he loved everyone he met. He loved life.


Cat: Maxwell (American Shorthair) – Newark, NY

by Pet Lover on June 23, 2015

Cat: Maxwell (American Shorthair) Newark, NY (Died Jun 21, 2015)

Maxwell was adopted from the Humane Society of Wayne County NY in 2007 by a loving family of 5. Max was loved by his family and was able to have many fun adventures with them.

Max was a fighter through sicknesses. He fought most of them off except for one. On June 21, 2015, Max was rushed to an Emergency Pet Care service in Rochester, NY. Max was diagnosed with Acute Kidney Failure. Due to his diagnosis, he was put to sleep that evening.

We miss him deeply and he will always be in our hearts. Max was a loyal companion. He ran away a few times, but always returned. No cat could replace our Max. He wasn’t just a cat. He was a friend.