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Cat: Sugar Cookie (Shorthair Tabby) – Rockford, IL

Cat: Sugar Cookie (Shorthair Tabby) – Rockford, IL (2011 – Dec 3, 2016) Sugar Cookie was a very important figure in my life. He would always be there to cheer me up in tough times and would always be snuggled up next to me in bed. He was a very kind cat, not biting or scratching, and was always easygoing.

Cat: Simba (Tabby) – Perkasie PA

Cat: Simba (Tabby) – Perkasie PA (1994 – Nov 16, 2016) Simba was a wonderful friend, he was always there to comfort, and cuddle with me. He lived a long and enjoyable life and I will miss him every day, and will always keep a place in my heart for Simba. Simba passed over the rainbow bridge to heaven: November 16, 2016 I know I will see him again in…

Cat: Cinnoman (Maine Coon) – Albany, NY

Cat: Cinnoman (Maine Coon) – Albany, NY (Apr 22, 1998 – Sep 30, 2016) Cinnoman Puff Ruiz passed away on September 30, 2016 at 18 years old after leading a healthy and vibrant life. Cinnoman was born in Albany, NY, spent her formative years in Chesterfield, VA, and at nine years old returned to Albany where she lived out the rest of her life. Every human who had the honor…

Dog: Kia (Siberian Husky)

Kia, beloved best friend Siberian Husky, who in her youth had boundless energy. At the age of 13 years, she went back to God on September 20, 2016. She waits for me at the rainbow bridge. Her nickname was Kia Bear Dog.

Dog: Aerial (Labrador) – Wrightsville, GA

Dog: Aerial (Labrador) – Wrightsville, GA (Died Sep 16, 2016) Our loving pet dog Aerial was hit by a drunk driver in a maroon red truck. The accident took place in Wrightsville, on a near my home. She was loved and will be truly missed. My family was blessed with such a wonderful family member pet in such a short time We will always remember you my baby. Love you…

Cat: Ellie (Tortoiseshell) – Kingston, ON, Canada

Cat: Ellie (Tortoiseshell) – Kingston, ON, Canada (2000 – Sep 13, 2016) The alpha cat in our home is gone – “Pretty Princess” you have left a huge hole in our hearts. Ellie was a shelter cat who had lived a hard life on the streets before we adopted her. She was the boss of all our other pets – including the dogs! You will never know Pretty Princess the…

Dog: Toby (Pomeranian​) – Cuyahoga Falls, OH​

Dog: Toby (Pomeranian) – Cuyahoga Falls, OH (Jun 2003 – Aug 2016) Toby Pollard, a joyful Pomeranian, joined our family in July 2004, a gift to his first dad, Ed, aka Poppi. He was a bundle of joy and almost was named Miracle. I guess I should explain. Mom asked Dad what he would want to name a boy child, if they were to have one. He laughed and said…

Dog: Sophie (Lab mix) – Statesville, NC

Dog: Sophie (Lab mix) – Statesville, NC (2002 – Jul 23, 2016) My sweet baby girl. I will miss u so much. U were always there for me following me around. We were connected at the heart. U will always have a special place in my heart. We will meet again. Run free baby girl. I love u so much!

Dog: Pompei (Pomeranian) – Philippines​

Dog: Pompei (Pomeranian) – Sep 14, 2014 to Jul 19, 2016 I remember the day that I first saw you. You were so lovely and vulnerable. Your eyes were so expressive. When you look at me, straight to my eyes all the way deep down to my heart, and I knew you were trying to tell me that you want me to have you, care for you and love you….