pet rainbow bridge

April 23, 2017 Pet Lover 0

Fond Pet Memories¬†is a free, virtual memorial for your family¬†to remember the loving pet that brought many years of happiness to your household. Losing a dear pet can be a devastating event. Create an online pet memorial to share with friends and family. To add your deceased pet obituary to [more ….]

cat Emerson - Domestic Short Hair

Cat: Emerson (Domestic Short Hair) – Orlando, FL

April 19, 2018 Pet Lover 2

Cat: Emerson (Domestic Short Hair) – Orlando, FL (2004 – Apr 16, 2018) Emerson, We will always remember your sweet, social personality and your love of cheese. If there were to be a universal sound depicting peace, I would surely vote for your purr. Every day, in some small way, [more ….]

Pet Cat - Banshee - Domestic Shorthair

Cat: Banshee (Domestic Shorthair) – Albany, NY

March 15, 2018 Pet Lover 1

Cat: Banshee (Domestic Shorthair) – Albany, NY (Oct 2000 – Mar 8, 2018) Banshee earned his name. When he wasn’t screaming at his humans for food, he was screaming at visitors for entering his territory, or to anyone for disturbing his place of rest on the sofa. It took him [more ….]

Cat Chloe

Cat: Chloe – Connecticut

February 11, 2018 Pet Lover 1

Cat: Chloe Bureau, Connecticut (May 30, 2009 – Oct 20, 2017) Chloe was the best kitty a girl could ever ask for, and very smart. She knew how to give her paw, and when she was hungry and her owner was sleeping, she would know exactly how to wake her [more ….]

Cat - Giggles (Goo) Frickey-West

Cat: Giggles (Goo) Frickey-West – Bend, OR

February 7, 2018 Pet Lover 0

Giggles (Goo) Frickey-West – Bend, OR (Died Feb 2, 2018) Giggles (Goo) Frickey-West, resident of Bend OR, passed away on Friday February 2nd at her home in mount Bachelor village at the age of 15. Goo was a scrappy character who grew up with a hard childhood in a trailer [more ….]

Pet Cat - Toffee (British Shorthair)

Cat: Toffee (British Shorthair) – Moscow, Russia

February 2, 2018 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Toffee (British Shorthair) – Moscow, Russia (Jun 29, 2013 – Feb 01, 2018) Toffee was the sweetest cat one could possibly hope for. She was kind, friendly, gentle and a little bit shy. She would never bite or scratch you. Always careful and nice, she was loved by everyone [more ….]

Pet Cat: BoB (Maine Coon)

Cat: BoB (Maine Coon) – Greenwood, IN

January 5, 2018 Pet Lover 0

Cat: BoB (Maine Coon) – Greenwood, IN (Died Jan 4, 2018) BoB was a free spirit and care free cat. She was found off the streets and taken out of the ghetto into a warm loving home. She was always chill to do anything. You could hold her upside down [more ….]

Dog Rolf

Dog: Rolf – Murfreesboro, TN

December 22, 2017 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Rolf – Murfreesboro, TN (Feb 8, 2002 – Apr 19, 2016) Rolf, you were the best dog a person could ask for. I found you on the side of the road in Woodbury, TN in May of 2002. Everyday I was so thankful I did, for you brought me [more ….]