by Pet Lover on February 16, 2015

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Cat: Toothless TuX Turek (Tuxedo) – NV

by Pet Lover on April 19, 2015

pet cat -Tux
(Cat: Toothless TuX Turek – Tuxedo – Feb 19, 2014 – Apr 17, 2015)

“My Little Guy” was found homeless in California in the cold winter of last year. We had lost “TuX due to a misdiagnosis from two different Vets.

It took his very last visit to his third Vet to find a Thyroid condition that had went unnoticed too far along. So far in advanced, the poor little guy lost his life over it.
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Pet Cat - Missy - Domestic Medium Hair
Cat: Missy (Domestic Medium Hair) – Victoria, BC , Canada
(Spring 1999 – Apr 2, 2015)

Missy came to us in August of 2000. We had just lost a beautiful black cat named Likerish to thieves, coyotes, traffic…. we really don’t know. But we spent weeks looking for her and during that time our daughter was checking the pound for the umpteenth time. This little black cat with the cute white markings reached out of her cage, grabbed her sweater and would not let go. This touched Sandra’s heart heart … so home came Missy.
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Cat: Tom the Great (Tomcat) – Dunkirk, OH

by Pet Lover on March 21, 2015

Pet cat - Tom the Great - Tomcat
Cat: Tom the Great (Tomcat) – Dunkirk, OH (Apr 17, 2002 – Mar 19, 2015)

Tom the Great died March 19, 2015. He was born on April 17, 2002.  Tom was an all black Tomcat. He loved turkey and Kentucky fried chicken.

When we brought a chicken bacon ranch pizza home, he would start circling around it. He will be missed terribly by his owners Billy, Kellie, Emily Jacob and Kaden.
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Dog: Diamond

by Pet Lover on March 9, 2015

Pet dog - Diamond
Dog: Diamond (Died March 2, 2015)

Diamond was and always will be remembered for being the last in her mom’s litter.

But the first to walk-climb-open eyes & howl. She was very loved by all of us but most important to my young brother Michael. Besides Mike’s family, Diamond did what no other human did for him …. accept Michael for who he is.
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Pet Dog: Maxwell (German Shepherd / Great Dane)
Dog: Maxwell – German Shepherd / Great Dane – (May 14, 2006 – Feb 7, 2015)

My Maxwell was taken from me suddenly on February 7th of this year. The night before he was playing in the snow, chewing on a busy bone and snuggling up close to me. After noticing he was having trouble getting comfortable about an hour later, I knew something was wrong.

With no improvement by the next day, and his condition quickly getting worse, I rushed him into the Emergency vet. After many tests and an ultrasound it was found that he had blood filling in his belly, a mass had ruptured. Surgery was a must to find the ruptured mass and it’s location, as well as control the bleeding. Twenty minutes into surgery, the nurse called me in. My heart sank and I couldn’t control my crying.
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Cat: Obadiah (Domestic Short Hair) – Santa Clara, CA

by Pet Lover on February 24, 2015

Pet cat: Obadiah - Domestic Short Hair
Cat: Obadiah (Domestic Short Hair) – Santa Clara, CA (Nov 25, 1997 – Feb 7, 2015)

Obadiah began his relationship with me as a stray kitten who wandered into the backyard of the Bayshore Christian Ministries House in East Palo Alto. The director took him in, fed him, and posted an email ad to see who would adopt “Bones”, the name given to him by the director, because he was so thin.
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Cat: Miss Nuckie – Chicago, IL

by Pet Lover on January 26, 2015

Pet Cat - Miss Nuckie
Cat: Miss Nuckie – Chicago (Mar 3, 2000 – Jan 25, 2015)

My loving cat Missy Nuckie Benjamin was 15 years old and has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and will be dearly missed.


Dog: Petunia (Beagle mix) – Binghamton, NY

by Pet Lover on January 22, 2015

Dog: Petunia - Beagle mix
Dog: Petunia (Beagle mix) – Binghamton, NY (2006 – Jan 1, 2015)

Our sweet and beloved beagle, Petunia, passed away unexpectedly this New Years Eve as a result of complications from three bouts with Lyme disease. It was without doubt the saddest New Years Eve’s we ever had.

Petunia was an especially talented Beagle with the most highly developed sight, sound and smell senses. Likewise, she was extremely quick, agile and ingenious in escaping confined spaces and hiding until she was ready to return. She was dreaded by every squirrel and rodent in the neighborhood. As talented as she was, however, nobody appreciated her signature “howling” voice.
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Cat: Missy (Miss Mischief) - White Shorthair
Cat: Missy (Miss Mischief) – White Shorthair (Nov 1995 – Jan 2015)

When I got Missy from the Animal Protective League, she was in a cage with 5 other white kittens. I scooped her up and brought her home.

My Husband, who was very ill, looked at her , agreed she was nice, but asked me to make SURE I kept her away from him, because he did NOT like cats.
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