Dog: Jackson (Beagle/Terrier Mix) Verona, WI

Pet Dog Jackson - Beagle Terrier mix

Dog: Jackson (Beagle / Terrier Mix) Verona, WI (2006 – Mar 2, 2021)

Jackson became a Hoover when we adopted him on February 28, 2008.  He’d been found wandering the streets near where we used to live in Ohio and was taken into a rescue’s cell program at a correctional facility. 

He was a happy, handsome boy that loved to run, especially playing fetch.  He also enjoyed a nice tug of war from time to time and loved to do the zoomies when Dad got home from work. 
He also enjoyed food, and especially his treats. He patrolled the kitchen and dining room floors to keep them free from falling food. 

When we moved to Wisconsin in 2011 he discovered the dog park. Had a rough first outing, running away and hiding from us, but came to love his walks at the dog parks in our area. 

Jackson developed Cushing’s disease in 2018 and he started to show his age quickly.  While he no longer wanted to play fetch he loved to take long walks and continued to love his food and treats. 

Jackson is survived by his family: Mike (Dad), Michelle (Mom) and brothers Austin and Max. Our hearts are broken, he was the happiest, smartest and best behaved dog we’ve known, and we will all look forward to seeing him again one day.

We love you, Jackie-Jack.  


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