Dog: Simon (Dappel Dachshund) – Kingwood, TX

Pet Dog - Simon - Dappel Dachshund

Dog: Simon (Dappel Dachshund) – (Aug 28, 2011 – Sep 15, 2020)

Simon passed away on September 15, 2020 after a brief illness at home wrapped in his two blankets.

Simon was an amazing dog and the only dog that I know who was bilingual. He understood Spanish and English. He loved to go on walks and he was very strong, when I wanted to go one way he turned me around and went another way.

He loved to ride in the car I took him everywhere but the beach, we went to Home Depot and the ladies loved him and he flirted with them. In Petsmart he knew he would get a treat and he loved all the attention. He knew which stores he could go into he was very smart.

He loved to go on walks and parks, one time we went to Summerwood where there was a 1 mile hike and bike trail with ducks and he would chase the ducks and a St. Bernard in a fence and Simon would run pass him barking like “I am out here and you are in there!”. After ½ mile he would get tired and then would have to carry him the rest of the way. I guess he wanted me to work my biceps.

He loved everyone and when someone we met would not say anything to him or pet hime, he would bark, like “hey I am down here!” I would give him baths in the car wash at the apt and he thought that was funny and then run to the apt trying to rub it off.

First time we went to the groomer at Animal Ark Simon acted like he knew where he was going and nobody could stop him. The owner saw that an open the door for him went in and he stood by the register and waited for someone to come and get him and walked like he owned the place. When we left they had rawhide bones next to the floor and he would take off with one and I had not paid for it so I had to take it back to them and pay for it.

Simon was a character he knew what he wanted and you better do it or he will bark very demanding. He will truly be missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. So so sorry for your loss. Simon sounds like a wonderful boy. He’ll live on through your memories. Not gone, just gone ahead.

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