Dog: Bea Bea (Terrier Mix) – Waynesboro, VA

Pet dog: Bea Bea - Terrier Mix

Dog: Bea Bea (Terrier Mix) – Waynesboro, VA (Sep 30, 2003 – Dec 6, 2020)

Rainbow Bridge

Here’s to all the years.
To all the smiles,
And all the tears.
We will meet again to love and laugh
And wag our way down the Rainbow Bridge.

In remembrance of the little puppy that defied all the odds (and all the humans), who loved to play, “catch me if you can,” curl up on any bed, who was my four-legged friend for nearly 20 years, I love you. 

Thank you Bea Bea for all the laughs, smiles and never-ending adventures!  Have fun running with the pack across Rainbow Bridge.

Stosh & Jen


  1. Stosh and Jen,
    Bra Bea knew she was so loved by you both. She definitely loved “catch me if you can”. I’m sorry for your sadness.
    Rainbow Bridge, how comforting for you to know Bea Bea is in such a wonderful place.

  2. So sorry for your loss. Our dogs add so much to the quality of our lives and teach us things that only dogs can teach.

  3. Jason and I are so sorry to hear this, Stosh. We met with Bea several times and each time she was so protective of you and of Cooper.
    Bea, it was wonderful knowing you. Do say hello to Coopie for us.

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