Dog: Jake (Fox Terrier) – Malta

Dog: Jake - Fox Terrier

Dog: Jake (Fox Terrier) – Malta (Mar 2006 – Dec 23, 2020)

Jake came into our lives in August 2006 at age 6 months after being picked up from the streets a few months before.  He was a beautiful strong boy who enjoyed our company and that of his half brother dog Billy who was four years older. 

Jake had a happy-go-lucky and trusting nature, following us around and never being far from his brother.  His love and joy was outrunning Billy at every opportunity even when eating and always finishing his meal within seconds. 

Jake learned to swim during our first summer holiday together and summer after summer he was always the first to jump in the water with much enthusiasm.  He was never far behind when anyone went into the water since he used to jump in near them,  grab their hand and tow them on land. 

For Jake, both his toys and humans always needed saving. His favourite pastime was trying to catch his ‘fairy’ – the light reflecting from a mirror we had hung up for him. Nothing was better than chasing his fairy at every opportunity. 

Jake was so protective of his family and he was our hero dog by raising the alarm when burglars entered our house during the night and he scared them off with his barking.  Jake’s loving nature was also evident when sister Ginger (cat) joined the family 5 years ago and they remained inseparable till the end.

Jake developed a heart problem nearly 3 years ago but with the right medicine he lived a happy and healthy life, always enjoying his morning walk and he never turned away from his food bowl till the last bit was finished, not to mention his favourite smelly treats.  The smellier they were the more he enjoyed.  

However age started creeping up on him.  Over a year ago Jake became deaf and these past months he continued to regress physically.  He did not run around the house as he used to and he was sleeping more often.  These past weeks his muscles started to give up on him and he did not even have the strength to open the dog flap or to jump on our bed, which was his favourite sleeping place.  

Even eating was becoming less enjoyable and these past days we could see that he was not his happy self.  Unable to climb even one step, we carried him up and down stairs, onto our bed and onto his favourite spot on the sofa.  We cared for him lovingly and kept him comfortable until we could not do anything else.  Jake crossed over the rainbow bridge on 23rd December 2020. 

When those who gave you so many lovely memories become a memory themselves is very hard to bear.  The tears cannot stop and the heartache is too much.  However we know that Jake is in a happy place in the company of his brother Billy, dog cousins Bruce and Lee, and so many other friends he met during his journey on this earth.  

Our love for him will never diminish.  He will live in our hearts forever … and the corner on the sofa will always remain reserved for the dog.

Antoinette & Albert

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