Cat: Pandy

by Pet Lover on January 11, 2016

pet cat - Pandy
Cat: Pandy (Born 2011 – Died 2016)

The One and Only Pandy Boy

Dear Pandy, thank you for your love and friendship from the bottom of our hearts. You made this world a better, more beautiful and friendly place. We will always love you and keep you in our hearts. You will never be forgotten.

Although it may seem to someone that you are gone, we know that it just can’t be true, because you would never want to leave us… That’s why we will see you everywhere we go.
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Dog: Sassy (Fawn Pug)

by Pet Lover on January 7, 2016

Pet Dog: Sassy - Fawn Pug
Dog: Sassy (Fawn Pug) – Born: Aug 28, 1999 & Died Jan 07, 2016

Mom and Dad will keep you in our hearts forever.

We love you Baby Girl. You were a special gift from God.


Dog: Princess Sally – Pekingese

by Pet Lover on January 6, 2016

Pet Dog: Princess Sally - Pekingese
Dog: Princess Sally – Pekingese (Jun 4, 1999 to Jan 5, 2016)

In 1999 while walking around at a flea market, my daughter who was 4 at the time screamed puppies and by the time I walked up to the kennel she had picked out a red and blonde Pekingese puppy and named her, Sally.

She was AKC and beautiful. I had raised Pekingese in the past and loved them. Sally was like my second daughter. Very intelligent, easy to house train, girl of course. She would always accompany us on vacations, to the stores.
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Pet Dog Amily - Miniature Bull Terrier
Dog: Amily – Miniature Bull Terrier (Feb 17, 2002 – Dec 23, 2015)

Our Daughter

We knew in time it would come, but God chose to take you on the morning of December 23, 2015. It was fast and painless and it was comforting that you departed on your pad in the living room; I covered you with Johnny’s blanket.
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Cat: Sisco (Shorthair) – New Orleans, LA

by Pet Lover on December 6, 2015

pet cat Sico - Shorthair
Cat: Sisco (Shorthair) – New Orleans, LA (1997- Dec 5, 2015)

My name is Harriet and I am 20 years old. Today my cat Sisco was laid to rest. He was in the ending stages of liver failure and my mother told me it was his time to go. We got Sisco as a kitten around the same time I had turned two.

This cat has been with me as long as I can remember. He lived to be almost 19 years old! He had a very loud warbley meow because he could never hear very well. He had a little white patch on his skin and very pretty freckled eyes.
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Pet dog Casey - Black Labrador Retriever
Dog: Casey (Black Labrador Retriever) – Germantown, MD
(Dec 24, 2000 – Nov 15, 2015)

Our beloved Casey will always be remembered as the love of our family lives. Casey will be solely missed by her immediate family, family friends, neighbors, and whoever she came in contact with especially other dogs, all of who were exposed to her curious, entertaining, friendly, lovable, and loyal demeanor.

Over the last 7-8 years of her life when the family kids were away at college and/or out living on their on, Casey and Mom and Dad were left at home together becoming the best of friends who depended on each others company while holding down the fort.

She will always be remembered in our hearts, memories, and prayers.


Cat: Gweedy (American Shorthair)

by Pet Lover on November 21, 2015

pet cat Gweedy - American Shorthair
Cat: Gweedy (American Shorthair)

Gweedy was a 1 yr old American Shorthair who belonged to my daughter, but left her behind, because she couldn’t have pets where she was going so I kept her loved her as I do all my pets.

She got along with the other 3 dogs I have, but was great with strangers coming in. She would hiss at them, but was a great mom to her kittens. When she had her 2 litters, her first litter she lost all 6 kittens that all came out looking just like her. They didn’t survive. She wasn’t taking care of them as some new moms do.
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Dog: Champ (Border Collie) – McColl SC

by Pet Lover on November 12, 2015

Pet Dog: Champ - Border Collie
Dog: Champ (Border Collie) – McColl SC (Apr 08, 2014 – Nov 10, 2015)

Champ was definitely a mama’s boy. So many times he would sit in my lap and listen to me talk to him. He was the type that chased anything that moved.

He loved riding and would stand up the whole time watching the vehicles move and appeared to be chasing them when passing by. He was a very intelligent little boy and eager to learn.
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Dog: Skippy – Springer-Doodle (Seattle, WA)

by Pet Lover on September 17, 2015

Pet Dog: Skippy - Springer-Doodle
Dog: Skippy – Springer-Doodle (Feb 14, 2002 – Sep 11, 2015)

Skippy was a very good boy right up to the time of his passing. Skippy is survived by the “Momma” Marilyn, the “Boy” Michael, and the “Dadda” Lee. He was predeceased by his two best friends, Owen a/k/a “Little Guy” and “Coop.”

Skippy loved water on his own terms. He loved to run in the surf and splash at the beach in his younger years. He would run with me, by my side in the rain, when we were both younger and still able to run.
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Dog: Mikey (Dachshund) – Dublin, NH

by Pet Lover on September 14, 2015

Pet Dog: Mikey (Dachshund)
Dog: Mikey (Dachshund) – Dublin, NH (Jul 1, 2006 – Sep 12, 2015)

Mikey was a charming character. He was super-friendly and loved people – he just didn’t like other dogs!

He was adopted at age 4, and his new ‘parents’ quickly learned how clever and funny he was. Everyone commented on what a beautiful boy he was, with unusual coloring for a dachshund and a very athletic build.
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