dog Tank - English Mastiff

Dog: Tank (English Mastiff) – MI

August 24, 2019 Pet Lover 7

Dog: Tank (English Mastiff) – MI (2009-2019) Tank left us on August 18, 2019, being peacefully put to sleep after a ruptured disk left him unable to walk. He was an excellent dog and will be dearly missed. We adopted Tank in March of 2011. He was quite a bit [more ….]

Pet rooster - Joe Joe

Rooster: Joe Joe – Mechanicsburg, OH

August 8, 2019 Pet Lover 1

Rooster: Joe Joe – Mechanicsburg, OH (Apr 1, 2015 – Aug 1, 2019) Joe Joe was brought home on April 1st 2015. Along with four sisters and one brother. He didn’t stay outside long. His brother thought he was a female and tried to mate. During that activity, he broke [more ….]

Pet dog - Lohler - Yorkshire Terrier

Dog: Lohler (Yorkshire Terrier) – SLC, Utah

July 20, 2019 Pet Lover 2

Dog: Lohler (Yorkshire Terrier) – SLC, Utah (Jul 18, 2017 – Jul 19, 2019) Lohler Lee Lou was our beloved Yorkshire Terrier for 12 years. She always liked to jump around, eat, go to the park, eat, be loving, and eat again! She was a little angel and always brought [more ….]

Pet dog - Zoey

Dog: Zoey

June 30, 2019 Pet Lover 6

Zoey Angelina MacArthur, 15, passed away In her Mommy’s arms June 29, 2019. Zoey was born July 23, 2003 the daughter of Keith & Rene. Zoey loved to play outside and she loved the sun on her face. Her favorite activities were snuggling, chasing rabbits, or anything that moved, 4 [more ….]

Pet bird: Snowflake - Cockatiel

Bird: Snowflake – Cockatiel (North Arlington, NJ)

June 27, 2019 Pet Lover 0

Bird: Snowflake – Cockatiel (North Arlington, NJ) – Died Jun 26, 2019 Our beautiful white feathered Snowflake brought us much joy. We loved when he would sing. His favorite show was Sponge Bob and one year Santa put a Sponge Bob DVD in his stocking along with his favorite millet [more ….]

Dog: Angus (Hubbard, OH)

June 16, 2019 Pet Lover 3

At 1:30am on 6/16/19, our sweet boy gained his wings and met his maternal grandparents, Dan and Violet Ljubicich, in heaven after crossing the rainbow bridge. Angus McKinnon Young O’Donnell was born in Slaughters, Kentucky on 8/1/07. At 6 weeks old he flew alone to his forever home in Hubbard, [more ….]