Dog: Beau (Chihuahua) – Damascus, OR

by Pet Lover on October 23, 2014

Pet Dog: Beau - Chihuahua
Dog: Beau (Chihuahua) – Damascus, OR (Oct 20, 2005 – Oct 19, 2014)

My deepest condolences to all of you that have lost a beloved pet. I lost my precious baby Beau on Sunday, October 19, 2014. He would have been 9 yesterday. I am so glad I got to be by his side in his last moments but it was THE hardest thing I have ever had to go through.

It all started Friday evening, I picked him up and noticed he was breathing very heavy and fast. And his heart was beating very loudly. You could literally hear it vibrating and beating from a few feet away from you as he lay next to me.
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Dog: Dottie (Boston Terrier) – Jupiter, FL

by Pet Lover on October 21, 2014

Pet Dog: Dottie - Boston Terrier
Dog: Dottie (Boston Terrier) – Jupiter, FL (Mar 27, 2002 – Oct 19, 2014)

Dottie was my best friend, my angel, and she took a piece of my heart with her when she left. She got me through the death of my father, my cancer, my divorce; she was a tough and very loving Boston Terrier! Our house and our hearts are just not the same without her, my little girl.
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Cat: Baco (American Shorthair) – Lima, Peru

by Pet Lover on September 25, 2014

Pet Cat: Baco
Cat: Baco (American Shorthair) – Lima, Peru (Nov 1, 1999 – Sep 19, 2014)

My little, you came to our lives when I was hopeless because I lost another love in my life. You came in the perfect time, and you were so tiny and helpless.

Almost immediately, we became the best friends. You liked climbing curtains as your favorite sport for so many years, and you were the perfect study mate in all my university years.
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Dog: Zeke (Sharpie / Chow Mix) – Tunkhannock, PA

by Pet Lover on September 18, 2014

Pet Dog: Zeke
Dog: Zeke Hinaman (Sharpie / Chow Mix) – Tunkhannock, PA (Mar 1, 2004 – Sept 18, 2014)

Zeke was the best friend to everyone he met. He was full of energy and loved to hike the mountains, go fishing and travel the country in the RV.

We Love him and will miss him every day.


Cat: Bootsie – Martinsville, IN

by Pet Lover on September 17, 2014

Pet Cat: Bootsie
Cat: Bootsie – Martinsville, IN (2001 – Sept 15, 2014)

Bootsie left this world on Sept. 15, 2014, for a big garage in the sky. We hope for her sake that is what cat heaven is like, because that is where she loved to spend her days. She particularly liked the cooler months when her owner would build a fire in the wood burner and spend hours tinkering and hanging out with her. Bootsie was one of the few females allowed to hang out in the “Man Cave.”
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Cat: Nippley – Evansville, IN

by Pet Lover on September 13, 2014

Pet Cat: Nippley
Cat: Nippley (Died Sept 12, 2014)

I first met her when she was about 9 months old, at the Humane Society in Evansville, Indiana. She was homeless, pregnant, stand offish, did not seem to like anyone, and on her last day there….l got to adopt her on 9/25/1997.

It took her almost a year to warm up to me and my other two cats (both now deceased) . Since my Sam died last year she has been my constant companion. She has been there to “help” me eat, watch TV, clean, to sleep, do email, she took it upon herself to be my great protector, and would not even let me go to the bathroom without her, in case there was a stay bug about.
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Cat: Noodle (Tabby) – Kansas City, MO

by Pet Lover on September 6, 2014

Pet Cat: Noodle (Tabbt)
Cat: Noodle (Tabby) – Kansas City, MO (May 2014 – Sep 2014)

When I bought my first home, I was so excited to get a kitten of my own. I had always had cats growing up and was a major cat lover. I met Noodle at a local animal shelter and was immediately drawn to her mild, calm, and laid back nature.

She was the smallest kitten in the shelter. Perfect. At home she was more interested in cuddling than playing (a characteristic that I initially found endearing, but in hindsight was indicative of a problem).
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Cat: Tobey – Norwegian Forest (Toronto, Ontario)

by Pet Lover on September 1, 2014

Pet Cat: Cat: Tobey - Norwegian Forest
Cat: Tobey – Norwegian Forest (Toronto, Ontario – Canada)
(1995 to August 30, 2014)

When I first met Tobey it was at a mall. She was a frightened little cat, brought there by her previous guardian who was trying to find her a new home. At the time I was 19 and living alone, and when she came by the store I worked at, the older women I worked with suggested I take her home. I too, was scared.

While I had a family cat before, I had never taken care of a pet all by myself – and wasn’t sure I could be responsible for another life, especially since I was just figuring out my own. But I took her home anyway.
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Cat: Serene (Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand)

by Pet Lover on August 30, 2014

Pet Cat: Serene
Cat: Serene (April 2014 – August 29, 2014)

Serene was a loving Tuxedo Cat, full of energy, she was loved by her humans, Nana Sue, Dad (me) , Uncle Owen, Aunty Sarah and all other humans who came into contact with her.

She was also loved by her feline sister, K’Ehleyr.

R.I.P sweet angel, we all miss you.


Dog: Fluffy (German Spitz) – Ranchi, India

by Pet Lover on August 27, 2014

Pet Dog: Fluffy (German Spitz)
Dog: Fluffy (German Spitz) – Ranchi, India (Dec 10, 2006 – Aug 22, 2014)

Fluffy was the cutest, most obedient, most innocent, very very intelligent, over friendly, world’s best baby. She was our best friend.

Her cute antics made her the most lovable and adorable part of our family. She was not a dog, but an integral part of our lives. She would always follow us wherever we went, wagging her long swishy tail.
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