Dog: Copper (Beagle) – Pittsburgh, PA

by Pet Lover on June 5, 2014

Pet Dog: Copper (Beagle)
Dog: Copper (Beagle) – Pittsburgh, PA (Nov 2002 – Jun 5, 2014)

Copper passed away overnight Thursday, June 5, 2014.

Copper was a fun loving dog and loved life. He loved to play tea party and camp out with the kids.

Copper will be missed and we will always remember him.


Dog: Gigi – Miniature ShihTzu

by Pet Lover on June 3, 2014

Pet Dog: Gigi - Miniature ShihTzu
Dog: Gigi – Miniature ShihTzu (Died Jun 2, 2014)

Gigi was a lovely miniature ShihTzu who left us On June 2 2014 after an illness that lasted several weeks.

She will be missed by Jamie and Alissa, Matthew and Heidi, her parents Brenda and Jerry, and David and Julie and Bryan and many many more, especially her older sister Taylor. Aswell as Pinky. She is pre-deceased by Misha, Sasha, and Gizzy.

Gigi was a beautiful, rambunctious, loving little dog who loved life. Gigi always loved to play and be played with, always loved giving and taking affection from those around her. She seemed to have bountiful energy for a small animal, but never hurt or upset anyone.
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Dog: Sasha (Poodle) – Richmond, VA

by Pet Lover on May 28, 2014

Pet Dog: Sasha - Poodle
Dog: Sasha (Poodle) – Richmond, VA (Jan 17, 2001 – May 25, 2014)

Sasha was born January 17, 2001, and our families’ hearts were broken when hers gave out on May 25, 2014.

Sasha was a “happy” girl who loved her dresses and nail polish. How fitting that we celebrated her life on Memorial Day, as she was a little trooper. Sasha over came many situations and health challenges.

Most recently, she battled Pulmonary hypertension until her heart had taken as much as it could. Though she is gone from our presence, she won’t soon be forgotten, as she has left an incredible bridge of memories that will keep her near and dear in our hearts.
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Cat: Goldie

by Pet Lover on May 19, 2014

Pet Cat: Goldie
Cat: Goldie (2012 – 2014)

Our dearest Goldie, our precious angel, our Egyptian boy, our love…

Thank you for choosing us for your friends and for lighting up our lives with your golden heart. We were more than proud and honored to be chosen by you.

Thank you for showing us that true happiness lies in little things and in simple moments and that real treasure belongs to those who have a golden heart and not to those who seek material wealth.
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Dog: Hunter (Beagle) – Framingham, MA

by Pet Lover on May 5, 2014

Dog: Hunter - Beagle
Dog: Hunter (Beagle) – Framingham, MA (Sep 2001 – Apr 29, 2014)

I knew I wanted to rescue a dog, but I’d never imagine in late November 2006, I was not just rescuing a dog, I was about to embark on an incredible journey with my best friend in the entire world.

My pet Beagle dog – Hunter and I shared a unique language and bond. I would talk to him everyday and he responded. When I went to the store, I’d ask if he wanted to come and he’d respond by stretching or getting up from his comfortable and favorite tempurpedic bed or raise his head and look at me as if to say, “of course I am coming with!” As always, we went everywhere together. Friends and family knew if I was coming over, or going somewhere with them, he was also going to join us.
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Cat: Katrina – Kissimmee, FL

by Pet Lover on April 22, 2014

Pet Cat: Katrina
Cat: Katrina – Kissimmee, FL (Born 1998 – Died April 21, 2014)

Katrina was a wonderful cat who loved to meow, in an innocent and friendly way. The type of meowing to ask for love and attention and you always gave it to her because she was so lovely. I always loved the cute grumbling noises she would always make and wow she was a loud eater and snorer. You would almost think it was a truck driver in the room when she would nap. lol.
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Cat: Elliot Gee (GG) - Cornish Rex
Cat: Elliot Gee (GG) – Cornish Rex (1999 – 2014)

When most pets die, they really don’t get any type of special markings for their grave.

But since I am special, I have a whole tree. A special tree – the Rod and Linda tree. The tree received that name because at the top it has two separate, intertwined trees, but they come together to form a single tree base.

I am the first one to be buried at the base of this tree. Let me share a little bit about my life with you.
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Dog: Squeeshy (Chihuahua Mix)

by Pet Lover on April 7, 2014

Dog: Squeeshy (Chihuahua Mix)
Dog: Squeeshy (Chihuahua Mix) – Sep 27, 2013 – Apr 7, 2014

Today, our little girl Squeeshy went home to doggy heaven. Squeeshy will never be forgotten. You will always be in our hearts.

Squeeshy was little but she was feisty, always running after her sisters and brothers.

We will always love and miss you.
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Cat: Abyll - Domestic Short Hair
Cat: Abyll (Domestic Short Hair) Grand Rapids, MI (May 17, 1996 – Mar 31, 2014)

Sadly, it was time to say good-bye to our sweet loving Abyll. Hopefully he’s somewhere playing with his brother Kayne on the other side.

Abyll was doing well in his old age. Sure, he was on meds for his kidneys and thyroid, but seemed to be holding up fairly well. Last week though, he stopped eating and we knew something was wrong when he wouldn’t even eat his treats.

He was starting to get sick, so we thought maybe one of the meds was upsetting his stomach. Unfortunately, the vet found a mass in his stomach as well as fluid in his chest area. The vet suggested the best thing to do was put him at peace. Mentally, I wasn’t ready to put him down as I was hoping for another year or so with him.
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Dog: Monster Pee Wee Posey (Reindeer Chihuahua)
Dog: Monster Pee Wee Posey (Reindeer Chihuahua) Bremen, GA (Aug 2003 – Feb 2014)

This Unique Spiritual Gift was sent to me by nothing short of a Miracle as would His entire Life with me prove to be just that, a Miracle.

The one word everyone used who met him was “NOBLE” and was exactly what He was in every way. Loving and Protective of all life and creatures he was a source of constant Spiritual Connection to a Greater Creator.

He became my Service Companion simply out of Love who trained himself and was later certified to aide in my Medical Care. His Intelligence, Love, Kindness, Acceptance and Respect and Spirituality never ceased to amaze anyone who met him.
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