Dog: Buddy (Softwire Dachshund) – Corning, NY

Pet dog Buddy - Softwire Dachshund

Dog: Buddy (Softwire Dachshund) – Corning, NY (Oct 4, 2005 – Apr 7, 2017) Buddy was the runt of his litter and wasn’t eating so the breeder was going to cull him. The pet store owner knew that I had retired and asked me if I would “home him” and try to get him eating. After about three months of force feeding him a special high protein paste, I was…

Cat: RiRi (Black/Brown Tabby Calico) – DeFuniak Springs, FL

Cat: RiRi - Black/Brown Tabby Calico

Cat: RiRi (Black/Brown Tabby Calico) – DeFuniak Springs, FL (Apr 15, 2010 – Mar 29, 2017) Grand Dutchess Anastazjah Marie “RiRi” Densmore-Haire, I’ve known you since you were a little kitty and bound into my life. I knew that your first year was difficult, but you were always there for me. We’ve been through a lot. You and I, with many different people in our lives, and many different places…

Cat: Max (Russian Blue) – Houston, TX

Max - Russian Blue cat

Cat: Max (Russian Blue) – Houston, TX (Dec 2003 – Dec 24, 2016) The very difficult decision to euthanize Max had to be made today. ​ She was hit hard by pancreatitis and mast cell cancer in her spleen and the diseases took her quickly. ​ We lost her far too early in life. I adopted Max from my friend Susan because Susan found out she was allergic to cats….

Dog: Jack – Chihuahua (Hanford, CA)

Dog: Jack – Chihuahua (Hanford, CA) – (Sep 23, 2015 – Jan 27, 2017) Jack Phillips is his name and was a long hair Chihuahua We always have in our mind and our hearts. He’s gone but never forgotten … until we meet again by the golden gates. Leaving your dad Chowder and close friend Monkey your mama Nancy Phillips misses you more than ever and uncle Joey and auntie…

Dog: Daisy Mae – Bichon Poodle -Abington, MA

dog- Daisy Mae - Bichon - Poodle

Dog: Daisy Mae – Bichon Poodle -Abington, MA (Died Jan 31, 2017) Dear little Daisy Doo. I hope you know how much we loved you. I hope you know nothing made me happier then seeing your tiny little face light up when you saw me. You chose me. I had the privilege of your love for 5 years. I lost you two days ago. It was not the goodbye I…

Dog: Jasmine

Dog: Jasmine (Sep 7, 2004 – Jan 16, 2017) Jasmine Laws, 11 years old,. Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on January 16, 2017, at 5:21 p.m. Jasmine was born September 7, 2004, and is survived by her Daddy, Ken Laws, and brother, Cody Laws. We loved you so much and will miss you forever. I still see clearly your funny little smile and remember the way you would safely stow…

Dog: Ari – Aramis Giving of Good (Pug)

Pet Dog: Ari - Pug

Dog: Aramis Giving of Good – Pug (Oct 1, 2003 – Dec 12, 2016) Ari Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, There’s a land that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby. Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue And the dreams that you dare to dream, Really do come true. (Harold Arlen, E. Harburg)

Cat: Jake (Domestic Shorthair) – Kingston, ON, Canada

Cat Jake - Domestic Shorthair

Cat: Jake (Domestic Shorthair) – Kingston, ON, Canada (2006 – Dec 5, 2016) One fall day we went to the apple orchard to pick apples and we brought home so much more. Our farm cat from the county has been a joy in our lives. “Jakey” was our gentle giant. His gigantic size also extended to his amazing personality. Happy-go-lucky, gentle tempered and a “momma” to all. None of our…

Cat: Sugar Cookie (Shorthair Tabby) – Rockford, IL

Sugar Cookie cat

Cat: Sugar Cookie (Shorthair Tabby) – Rockford, IL (2011 – Dec 3, 2016) Sugar Cookie was a very important figure in my life. He would always be there to cheer me up in tough times and would always be snuggled up next to me in bed. He was a very kind cat, not biting or scratching, and was always easygoing.

Cat: Simba (Tabby) – Perkasie PA

Cat: Simba (Tabby) – Perkasie PA (1994 – Nov 16, 2016) Simba was a wonderful friend, he was always there to comfort, and cuddle with me. He lived a long and enjoyable life and I will miss him every day, and will always keep a place in my heart for Simba. Simba passed over the rainbow bridge to heaven: November 16, 2016 I know I will see him again in…