Dog: Schnapps – Labrador (Rockville, MD)

by Pet Lover on July 14, 2014

Pet Dog: Buddy (Golden Retriever)
Dog: Schnapps – Labrador (Rockville, MD)
(Born: Jan. 19, 2000 in Randfontein, South Africa – Died: July 14, 2014 in Rockville, MD)

My dearest Schnappsy,
Before you came into our lives, mom and dad were done with the idea of raising another pet. Losing our Kenyan “wild” dog Savannah so abruptly had left us hardened and afraid to invest so much love in another creature who we would one day have to say goodbye to again. I was young and resilient, and believed that bringing a puppy into our home would be the only way to heal our hurting hearts.

I wouldn’t let go of the idea, I knew you were out there waiting for us – with the kind of persistence only a 13 year old can muster. I pressed the idea every chance I got. Mom and dad said they wanted a black lab so we wouldn’t have to worry about temperament as we had with Savannah. They also wanted a puppy that came from a breeder who could trace the family line and rule out possible genetic problems.
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Cat: Pebbles (Maine Coon) – Lakewood Park, FL (2010 – June 25, 2014)

PEBBLES “6/25/2014”
I miss you so much & feel horrible for your early departure! It’s like a stabbing in my heart & soul!

I saw a cat lying on the side of the road & said,” These cats lay anywhere that’s pretty dangerous” not knowing it was you!! I would have picked you up gently & held you in my arms!! When I came back the cat was gone so I thought she ran off!!
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Dog: Nigel Thegaypug (Pug)

by Pet Lover on July 2, 2014

Pet Dog: Nigel Thegaypug - Pug
Dog: Nigel Thegaypug (Pug) (Jan 15, 1999 – Jul 1, 2014)

Nigel Q. Jellybean-Carlton (aka Nigel Thegaypug) passed away peacefully in his sleep on July 1st, 2014, after a brief illness.

Born in 1999 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Nigel’s life was an eventful one. He was a perennial winner of the Princeton Pug Club’s Halloween costume contest, was certified as a Canine Good Citizen by the American Kennel Club, had a bar mitzvah in 2012 and was a social media maven.

He had definite opinions on a variety of topics, from distemper shots to classic movies. He was not a fan of physical exertion, though he was an avid tail wagger and greeter of anyone who crossed his path.

A lifelong devotee of bananas, peeing on other dogs, Joan Crawford and barking at the air, Nigel napped, ate, forgave and loved with all his heart.

He is survived by numerous friends and family both canine and human and by his sidekick of 15 years, Biz Carlton, to whom he taught the meaning of devotion and unconditional love.


Rabbit: Lelouch (Lop Bunny) – Peru

by Pet Lover on June 18, 2014

Pet Rabbit: Lelouch (Lop Bunny)
Rabbit: Lelouch (Lop Bunny) – Peru (May 18, 2011 – Apr 22, 2014)

Lelouch was a cute lop bunny. He came into our lives in 2011. Since then, he gave us so many beautiful times and he touched our hearts in many ways.

He loved to eat vegetables and fruits… specially he enjoyed bananas – any time and anywhere. He also loved classical music. He spent his life with his best friend Baco, a 14 years old cat, and of course with us as much time as we could gave him.

We miss him a lot and we are always going to remember him in our hearts. Lelouch we love you so much.
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Dog: Smallie

by Pet Lover on June 18, 2014

I lost my best friend.His name was Smallie and he lived to age 20.

My heart died with him. Please God, tell him to wait for me.

I am pushing 80 years old and it won’t be a long wait.


Pet Dog: Einstein (Golden Retriever)
Dog: Einstein (Golden Retriever) – Port St Lucie, FL (Feb 2, 2002 – Jun 8, 2014)

Einstein will always be the “Baby Boy.” Until he was stricken with Cancer, he was always the puppy – even at 106 lbs. When he passed he was a mere 40 lbs.

As he gave us joy and happiness with his constant licking, and burying his head into our armpits – or shock us when he ate Kleenex. We could never be angry with him. We hope we gave him a happy and loving life.

Up until the end we were in his ear telling him how much he means to us, and how much we love him. Our hearts are broken.
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Dog: Copper (Beagle) – Pittsburgh, PA

by Pet Lover on June 5, 2014

Pet Dog: Copper (Beagle)
Dog: Copper (Beagle) – Pittsburgh, PA (Nov 2002 – Jun 5, 2014)

Copper passed away overnight Thursday, June 5, 2014.

Copper was a fun loving dog and loved life. He loved to play tea party and camp out with the kids.

Copper will be missed and we will always remember him.


Dog: Gigi – Miniature ShihTzu

by Pet Lover on June 3, 2014

Pet Dog: Gigi - Miniature ShihTzu
Dog: Gigi – Miniature ShihTzu (Died Jun 2, 2014)

Gigi was a lovely miniature ShihTzu who left us On June 2 2014 after an illness that lasted several weeks.

She will be missed by Jamie and Alissa, Matthew and Heidi, her parents Brenda and Jerry, and David and Julie and Bryan and many many more, especially her older sister Taylor. Aswell as Pinky. She is pre-deceased by Misha, Sasha, and Gizzy.

Gigi was a beautiful, rambunctious, loving little dog who loved life. Gigi always loved to play and be played with, always loved giving and taking affection from those around her. She seemed to have bountiful energy for a small animal, but never hurt or upset anyone.
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Dog: Sasha (Poodle) – Richmond, VA

by Pet Lover on May 28, 2014

Pet Dog: Sasha - Poodle
Dog: Sasha (Poodle) – Richmond, VA (Jan 17, 2001 – May 25, 2014)

Sasha was born January 17, 2001, and our families’ hearts were broken when hers gave out on May 25, 2014.

Sasha was a “happy” girl who loved her dresses and nail polish. How fitting that we celebrated her life on Memorial Day, as she was a little trooper. Sasha over came many situations and health challenges.

Most recently, she battled Pulmonary hypertension until her heart had taken as much as it could. Though she is gone from our presence, she won’t soon be forgotten, as she has left an incredible bridge of memories that will keep her near and dear in our hearts.
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Cat: Goldie

by Pet Lover on May 19, 2014

Pet Cat: Goldie
Cat: Goldie (2012 – 2014)

Our dearest Goldie, our precious angel, our Egyptian boy, our love…

Thank you for choosing us for your friends and for lighting up our lives with your golden heart. We were more than proud and honored to be chosen by you.

Thank you for showing us that true happiness lies in little things and in simple moments and that real treasure belongs to those who have a golden heart and not to those who seek material wealth.
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