Dog: Murray (Yellow Labrador Retriever) – MA

by Pet Lover on June 15, 2015

Pet dog Murray - Yellow Labrador Retriever
Dog: Murray – Yellow Labrador Retriever (Dec 2002 – May 2015)

We lost our beloved family member and the sweetest dog who was mommy’s best friend, we had the happiest 12+ years with you in our lives.

We will love you forever, Jennifer, Tom, Kourtney & doggie sister Lucy.


Guinea Pig: Snickers – Clearwater, FL

by Pet Lover on June 13, 2015

Guinea Pig: Snickers
Guinea Pig: Snickers – Clearwater, FL (Nov 22, 2009 – Jun 12, 2015)

Snickers had a playful and energetic lifestyle. Everyone who came around him enjoyed playing with him and giving him his favorite fruits and vegetables as a treat. He enjoyed lounging around on the bed, or running around on the floor.

He brought so much laughter and cheerfulness into the family and we will miss him dearly, however we will love him forever.

RIP little guy


Dog: Thor

by Pet Lover on June 8, 2015

pet dog Thor
Dog: Thor (Born 6-6-2013, Date of death 6-7-2015)

Lovin’ life and all things made from God.



Pet Cat: Pumpkin (Orange Mackerel Tabby)
Cat: Pumpkin – Orange Mackerel Tabby – (1992 – Jun 5, 2015)

Pumpkin the Orange Tabby passed away on 6/5/2015, at the assumed age of 23 (at the very least).

When I was a teenager, she showed up at the front door and decided that I was the person she would be living with from now on. She was an adult cat when she arrived so we never knew her real age, but she lived a spoiled 23 years since then.
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Pet Cat: Bandit (Maine Coon, DLH)
Cat: Bandit (Maine Coon, DLH) – Kingston, ON, Canada (Died May 25, 2015)

Today we had to say goodbye to our beloved Maine Coon Bandit. We found out last week that Bandit has a mass growing in his throat and rather than let him suffer we have to let him go.

If Bandit could be a person he would be James Dean or John Wayne – he is just that cool! If he could drink, his drink of choice would be bourbon.
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Dog: Bell 2 (Yellow Lab Mix) – Palm Bay, FL

by Pet Lover on May 19, 2015

Pet dog Bell - Yellow Lab Mix
Dog: Bell 2 (Yellow Lab Mix) – Palm Bay, FL (2004 – May 5, 2015)

Today my beloved pet my friend, companion, like a daughter I never had, due to health complications, has passed away.

I know you are in heaven with Jesus and the rest of the family, see ya soon, my best friend Bell. Thanks for the good times and memories.

Love you
Miguel …


Pet cat Gracie
Cat: Gracie (Domestic Feline) – Browns Summit, NC
(Jan 9, 2013 – Apr 25, 2015)

Gracie was given to me as a very special gift. Gracie was my new emotional support animal for my Anorexia and she helped so much. She was my sweet little angel.

Gracie started showing signs that she was very constipated. I took her to the vet and they said she had a bad hernia that would need surgery in the next few days.
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Cat: Monty (Tabby Mixed) – Carson, CA

by Pet Lover on May 7, 2015

Pet Cat: Monty - Tabby Mixed
Cat: Monty (Tabby Mixed) – Carson, CA (Sep 9, 1997 – May 6, 2015)

Our pet cat Monty was rescued from a shelter and raised with lots of love and care.

He was great with our dogs CECE and BEAR. He will be missed truly by Jose, Regina and Joe.


Cat: Toothless TuX Turek (Tuxedo) – NV

by Pet Lover on April 19, 2015

pet cat -Tux
(Cat: Toothless TuX Turek – Tuxedo – Feb 19, 2014 – Apr 17, 2015)

“My Little Guy” was found homeless in California in the cold winter of last year. We had lost “TuX due to a misdiagnosis from two different Vets.

It took his very last visit to his third Vet to find a Thyroid condition that had went unnoticed too far along. So far in advanced, the poor little guy lost his life over it.
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Pet Cat - Missy - Domestic Medium Hair
Cat: Missy (Domestic Medium Hair) – Victoria, BC , Canada
(Spring 1999 – Apr 2, 2015)

Missy came to us in August of 2000. We had just lost a beautiful black cat named Likerish to thieves, coyotes, traffic…. we really don’t know. But we spent weeks looking for her and during that time our daughter was checking the pound for the umpteenth time. This little black cat with the cute white markings reached out of her cage, grabbed her sweater and would not let go. This touched Sandra’s heart heart … so home came Missy.
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