Dog: Peanut (Cairn Terrier)- Smithton, IL

Dog: Peanut Cairn Terrier

Dog: Peanut (Cairn Terrier)- Smithton, IL (May 15, 2005 – May 1, 2021)

Peanut was a Cairn Terrier, who was my shadow for 16 years and a constant in my life, that I am totally lost without. My daughter got him when she first went to college and I was talked into “puppy sitting” because she got busy on the weekends and didn’t have time for a puppy.

He slept in a laundry basket until he learned to flip it over and escape. Life got busy and he almost was taken to the pound and by that time he had stolen my heart, so I had no choice but to rescue him! He traveled out of town with me every weekend and loved it. He could give you this look with his big brown eyes, that would melt your heart and you could see into his gentle soul.

He was usually calm and laid back but pick up one of his toys and he would fetch a toy until you quit or he dropped from exhaustion.

He was persistence on getting petted or his belly scratched. He would take his paw and nudge your hand twice and wait a second. If you kept ignoring him, he would just root around until he could get his head under your hand and he would set there.

He couldn’t talk but he would get his point across very clearly if he wanted something. Saturday mornings would roll around and if it was nice weather he would literally set and stare at his dog dad because he wanted his Saturday morning walk to the park. If you would tell him to stop staring and go lay down, he would move to a different spot and continue you to stare. He would never be the 1st to give up, if you took too long he would sit and stare and do this soft whining noise until he would eventually got his way.

He would bark at people but once you pet him you were friends for life. As he grew older he lost his hearing, but he never lost his love for his toys or pretty much sitting on my lap or touching me with his paw, chin or tail …. some body part, at all the times, if I was sitting or stationary.

When he hit 16, I had staring preparing and accepting the fact he wasn’t going to live forever. But nothing prepared me for the feeling as the life draining out of his little body, as I held him in my arms and he crossed over Rainbow Bridge. That moment changed for the both of us. I miss him so much.

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