Cat: Ginger Rose – Malta

Cat: Ginger Rose - Malta

Cat: Ginger Rose – Malta (July 2013 – 26th May 2021)

Ginger Rose was picked up from the streets in March 2014 when she was heavily pregnant. On 9th April she had 5 beautiful kittens and she remained being fostered until they were all homed. Ginger joined the family in June 2014. We had to adjust the house so she would be comfortable in her quarters since we had two fox terriers. However they all adapted well.

Ginger never batted an eyelid whenever she was occasional chased around the house and we maintained a happy household for many years. She had a beautiful good natured character, independent and headstrong at times. I cannot count the many times I searched for her all over the house and then seeing her look down at me from the top of a cupboard.

Despite the many cat beds, her favourite spots were the shoebox or the base of a cardboard hamper. She enjoyed nothing better than to watch life go by enjoying the sun from the balcony or to go for a stroll among the planters on the roof garden come rain or shine. Her favourite runs were during the night.

Pet Cat:  Ginger Rose - Malta

Her hunting skills were impeccable and over the years I was presented with many geckos and insects. Ginger was my study companion every evening for two whole years, always ensuring she was just touching the keyboard where she stayed for hours on end.

She liked nothing better than to take the opportunity to jump on my lap, curl up whenever I sat down, and purr for hours on end. She was always there when I arrived home. But now she is no more. On the evening of the 26 th May, Ginger settled down on my lap as usual, stretched out and dozed off.

At 9.30 pm she jumped up, fell on the floor in a fit and within seconds she was gone. We picked her up and rushed her to the vet but it was in vain. She was a healthy cat and never had any problems all these years, but she was called to cross over the Rainbow Bridge to join her dog brothers Billy, Jake, and her many other dog cousins.

We are devastated at her sudden loss but the consolation is that she did not suffer. We have been blessed to have Ginger all these years. She will be terribly missed by family and friends alike.

I will never forget my beautiful girl. Ginger is gone from our lives but never from our hearts …. where her paw prints will remain etched forever

Antoinette & Albert

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  1. Beautiful words. You couldn’t have described Ginger Rose better. She will be sorely missed..

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