Dog: Billie (Jack Russell – Blue Heeler) Victoria, Australia

Pet dog: Billie - (Jack Russell - Blue Heeler)

Dog: Billie Stephenson (Jack Russell – Blue Heeler – Victoria, Australia (Nov 2010 – Apr 28, 2021)

I found Billie as a four month old at the local lost dog’s home. I went up to her cage and stuck my hand inside and she walked up and licked it gently; we were friends. Someone had placed a hold on her, but after a few days I was told they had not picked her up and I could have her. I immediately rode down on my bike and collected her.

We called her Billie as in Billie the kid; because she was our child.  She helped me through so many difficult times over the years; work stress, redundancy, and hospitalizations. And we had so many adventures together – fishing, running on the beach, chasing sheep (when she wasn’t supposed to) and so many long walks.

Pet dog: Billie - (Jack Russell - Blue Heeler)

She loved lying in the sun (including on our dining table when we weren’t home!). She was so protective and did morning perimeter checks of our property. Her night time ritual of barking and scratching the bedsheets to ensure they were just right, would end with her snuggling under the doona tightly against me.

Pet dog: Billie - (Jack Russell - Blue Heeler)

She suffered a number of health issues over the years and in the end was taken by lymphoma, after an attempt at chemotherapy and her brave fight to stay with us for a bit longer. She was a strong, dignified and gentle little girl who dearly loved the people around her.

We had to let you go Billie, so you could rest in peace, but I will never ever forget you and I have a large and dark void in my heart where you once were that will never be filled. I love you, and more, forever.

No staring deeply into her eyes as I fall asleep
It is only memories that I keep

Each morning I wake, as if the first, to stillness in the air
The place is sparse, there’s not a single hair

No beds or bowels or toys laying around
No whining or barking, there’s not a single sound

Only silence and my thoughts of you pervade
From the life together that we made

I hope you did not suffer too much in the end my dear
and that your heart was filled with love and not with fear.

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