Dog: Teddy (Terrier Mix) – Peoria, AZ

January 23, 2016 Pet Lover 1

Dog: Teddy (Terrier Mix) – Peoria, AZ (Nov 11, 2005 – Jan 22,2016) Teddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, January 22,2016 after a sudden illness. Born in Florida, Teddy spent much of his life living in Rhode Island with his loving owner, Richard. Teddy spent the last year of [more ….]

Cat: Bella – Sioux Falls, SD

January 20, 2016 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Bella – Sioux Falls, SD (Apr 2015 – Jan, 18 2016) Our cat Bella came to us one night as I worked in the garage last summer. Bella would hang out under our car day after day until we made her a little house that she could sleep in, [more ….]

Cat: Pandy

January 11, 2016 Pet Lover 1

Cat: Pandy (Born 2011 – Died 2016) The One and Only Pandy Boy Dear Pandy, thank you for your love and friendship from the bottom of our hearts. You made this world a better, more beautiful and friendly place. We will always love you and keep you in our hearts. [more ….]

Dog: Sassy (Fawn Pug)

January 7, 2016 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Sassy (Fawn Pug) – Born: Aug 28, 1999 & Died Jan 07, 2016 Mom and Dad will keep you in our hearts forever. We love you Baby Girl. You were a special gift from God.

Dog: Princess Sally – Pekingese

January 6, 2016 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Princess Sally – Pekingese (Jun 4, 1999 to Jan 5, 2016) In 1999 while walking around at a flea market, my daughter who was 4 at the time screamed puppies and by the time I walked up to the kennel she had picked out a red and blonde Pekingese [more ….]