Dog: Teddy (Terrier Mix) – Peoria, AZ

Pet dog: Teddy -  Terrier Mix
Dog: Teddy (Terrier Mix) – Peoria, AZ (Nov 11, 2005 – Jan 22,2016)

Teddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, January 22,2016 after a sudden illness. Born in Florida, Teddy spent much of his life living in Rhode Island with his loving owner, Richard.

Teddy spent the last year of his life basking in the Arizona sun. He is survived by his furr brother, Harley and his Human Papa, Richard.

Teddy has been cremated and will come home to be memorialized by all who loved him.

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  1. May Teddy forever Rest In Eternal Peace. With no pain or illness. It’s hard losing a family member. But Teddy’s memory shall live forever.

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