Dog: Princess Sally – Pekingese

Pet Dog: Princess Sally - Pekingese
Dog: Princess Sally – Pekingese (Jun 4, 1999 to Jan 5, 2016)

In 1999 while walking around at a flea market, my daughter who was 4 at the time screamed puppies and by the time I walked up to the kennel she had picked out a red and blonde Pekingese puppy and named her, Sally.

She was AKC and beautiful. I had raised Pekingese in the past and loved them. Sally was like my second daughter. Very intelligent, easy to house train, girl of course. She would always accompany us on vacations, to the stores.

Once my daughter took her to school for 4-H. We lost Sally today and I would have loved for everyone to had met her, she was loving to everybody, everyday. She never fought over food. She was exceptional.

I know there are a lot of Obits out there but you can see it in the eyes the special loving ones. God Bless Her and I want to thank her for the best 17 years.

“Good Night Sally”

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