Cat: Pandy

pet cat - Pandy
Cat: Pandy (Born 2011 – Died 2016)

The One and Only Pandy Boy

Dear Pandy, thank you for your love and friendship from the bottom of our hearts. You made this world a better, more beautiful and friendly place. We will always love you and keep you in our hearts. You will never be forgotten.

Although it may seem to someone that you are gone, we know that it just can’t be true, because you would never want to leave us… That’s why we will see you everywhere we go.

pet cat - Pandy

We just have to look into our hearts and there you are, our dear Pandy, playing with us and showing us the true meaning of living in the present moment.

To see you is to love you, to be near you is to know the true joy of life, to be your friend is to be honored, to have you in our hearts is a blessing.

Rest in peace, Pandy boy. Elia, Branko & Ari

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  1. Dear Pandy, we can’t believe that you left us almost a year ago. But, what is time in comparison to our sweet moments spent together? These moments were the moments of eternity. Please take good care of our sweet Angel Ari, as much as you and Goldie and the rest of the bunch are taking care of each other. He left us so suddenly and our hearts are broken. We miss you all so much. We love you, Pandy Boy. You will live forever in our hearts and our minds.

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