Dog: Amily (Miniature Bull Terrier) – Morgan Hill, CA

Pet Dog Amily - Miniature Bull Terrier
Dog: Amily – Miniature Bull Terrier (Feb 17, 2002 – Dec 23, 2015)

Our Daughter

We knew in time it would come, but God chose to take you on the morning of December 23, 2015. It was fast and painless and it was comforting that you departed on your pad in the living room; I covered you with Johnny’s blanket.

Key was that it was in your home and the love we had and have for you filled the entire house, then, as in past and always. You have physically left to join your spirit pet friends, but the journey with you for fourteen years will fill our minds, heart and soul forever.

Today on Christmas, we took a series of pictures of you to the beach and we lit a candle for you for your departed journey and a symbol of our love to you and a way to grief your loss. Even your sister Bessie was quiet and knew that you had journeyed on to heaven. Key was it was sunny and the light reflected on the ocean and to your special spot on the beach.

Our journey with you started when Vanda had to have major surgery. I was traveling so wanted to get here companion while away. Your mother had had a standard “Bullie” but way too big for our lifestyle. So in researching found, miniature Bull Terriers. Researched and found breeder in NC. Talked to owner and said had cute female and arraigned you becoming our daughter. Didn’t tell your mother and that special package at SF while I in Mexico was you, SURPRISE! Vanda called to say fat cute baby was her. We held naming, and then Amily seemed to fit.

Over years we watched you grow any become more and more a part of our family. You showed us what unconditional love was with no expectations of same amount of love in return.

In your lifetime you got to see parts of Texas, Tennessee, Los Angles, in addition back to Bay area. In all our travels you were our constant companion and love.

During this time you had two sisters, Silver and Bessie. One thing you showed us, the love to them as the love to us.

From you we will always cherish in my heart and mind;
 Your unconditional love.
 The bond between your mother & me and how it brought us together
 Pulling on the puck
 Talking to us – Woo Woo
 Breaking your fathers shoulder, yes you were strongest of family!
 Tolerating and loving your “cat” sisters
 Your love and runs on the Beach
 Hanging your head out of car
 Your massages
 Having a real house and yard – your own.
 Most important always, you’re loving “wet” kisses.

It is hard for us to think of you as not physically here, but we know you are now in “Bullie” heaven and that your spirit is there and with us and that you are a part of our living being.

As your mother, sister and I journey on earth we are thankful that you touched and were a part of our life. Our special angel.

We miss you our daughter, but be assured your unconditional love and memories will always be in our hearts, mind and soul.!

Rest with God in Bullie Heaven. Enjoy your new companions and may there always be lots of rainbows.

You’re Father & Mother Always
December 26, 2015

pet dog Amily

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  1. May Amily Rest In Eternal Peace. I know what your going through I lost my Diamond last March. I like yourself know that these are not pets their family. Please feel free to email me if you like.

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