Rabbit: Zelda – Sacramento, CA

March 17, 2008 Pet Lover 1

Rabbit: Zelda – Sacramento, CA (Jan – 1997 to Mar -2008) In our eyes, Zelda was the most special black and white rabbit. Not many rabbits live 11 years, the last 5 with cancer. Not many rabbits have a family that loved her so much. Not many rabbits have a doctor who [more ….]

Dog: Muffin – Salem, MA

March 15, 2008 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Muffin – Salem, Massachusetts (01/17/2008) Muffin Collie-Flower Crowell, of Salem, MA, took her spiritual journey from Earth to Heaven today, leaving behind her family at Crow Cottage, Paul, Rebecca, Isabelle and Jasmine Crowell, to fend for themselves. Muffin was an exceptional collie dog who gave as many loves as she [more ….]

Dog: “Maxwell” – Eugene, OR

March 15, 2008 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Maxwell – Eugene, Oregon (03/02/2008) This is in memory of our dog, Maxwell; aka Maxypants; aka Max; aka Picachu; aka Peak; aka Panties. Max came into this world without much of a chance. Born of two dominant breeds: American Staffordshire Terrier and Saint Bernard, he quickly found his first home [more ….]

Cat: Winston – Syracuse, NY

March 15, 2008 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Winston – Syracuse, NY (2/10/2008) With eyes were always watching And ready to run from the hands that fed him. He lived with us for 18 years. The memory of great cats did not deter him from his ferol ways of isolation and caterwauling. He was a common thread for [more ….]

Dog: Lady – Austin, TX

March 11, 2008 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Lady – Austin, TX (02/22/1997 to 03/10/2008) Lady, how I remember when we first met, you latched onto my shoelaces and flashed me those big brown eyes – it was love. You brought joy to my life everyday. If I had a bad day you were always there with [more ….]

Cat: “Boots” – Miami, FL

March 10, 2008 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Boots – Miami, FL (09/02/1999 to 03/12/2008) My little Boots, you are now gone but never forgotten. The bond we developed between us was so strong. You would just cuddled in my arms at night and sleep. You loved sitting on my lap while I played on the computer. My [more ….]

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A Dog’s Prayer

March 9, 2008 Pet Lover 0

A Dog’s Prayer Oh! Lord of Humans, make my master faithful to his fellowman as I am to him. Grant that he may be as devoted to his family and friends as I am to him.

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Have You A Pet In Heaven, Lord?

March 8, 2008 Pet Lover 0

Author Unknown “Have you a dog in Heaven, Lord?” And do you pat its head? Does he sit up and beg each night before he goes to bed? Does he look up with shining eyes when he sees Your smiling face? Does he wag his stubby little tail when he [more ….]