Cat: Winston – Syracuse, NY

Cat: Winston – Syracuse, NY (2/10/2008)

With eyes were always watching And ready to run from the hands that fed him. He lived with us for 18 years. The memory of great cats did not deter him from his ferol ways of isolation and caterwauling.

He was a common thread for the three of us and each of us in his or her own way did love him and did appreciate his weird sort of affection. Our cat’s certainly, his amazing longevity and perseverence, if not his lassitude will be missed.

He was an element of who we are and now he’s buried beside the holly bushes. In the end, this little cat taught us a message that will long outlast his life. He taught how important life is to even the least of all, his tenacity to hang on. He taught how far more important we are to each other than anything else – no mistake, no argument.

Nothing can ever be be more important than each other. So, in the end, we go on. Far better for Winston. Loving each other a little less for granted, and more aware of the precious passing moments that never come again.

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