Cat: “Boots” – Miami, FL

Cat: Boots – Miami, FL (09/02/1999 to 03/12/2008)

My little Boots, you are now gone but never forgotten. The bond we developed between us was so strong. You would just cuddled in my arms at night and sleep. You loved sitting on my lap while I played on the computer.

My dedication to you and your cooperation in handling your diabetes made us inseparable. Together we got you back to a healthy cat. It was a wonderful feeling to see you go from 6 lbs To 18 lbs happy and alert. In May I took a little trip. I knew I couldn’t leave you with just anyone. You had special needs. I brought you to the vet that diagnosed you. I thought you would be safe; after all they had all your records. I would only be gone 5 days.

According to the vet doctor,  you went into depression and refused to eat. The vet said he felt it would be best not to give you insulin. Your diabetes went out of control and by the 4th day you went into a coma. I never received a call from the vet, so I had no idea what was happening. By the 5th day and my return home you had passed away. I remain heartbroken and miss you dearly, but I know you are now with Grandpa and Molly. I will be with you again one day.

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