Rabbit: Zelda – Sacramento, CA

Rabbit: Zelda – Sacramento, CA (Jan – 1997 to Mar -2008)

In our eyes, Zelda was the most special black and white rabbit. Not many rabbits live 11 years, the last 5 with cancer. Not many rabbits have a family that loved her so much. Not many rabbits have a doctor who cares so much for them and worked tirelessly to keep her alive.

She was born in January of 1997 and passed away a week ago. She will be sorely missed by our family, as well as the many neighborhood children who played with her.

Zelda’s favorite foods besides her pellets were snacks such as animal crackers, Cheerios, bananas, carrots, alfalfa, grapes, apples, sunflower seeds and peanuts.

She will always have a place in our heart. Zelda, we’ll always love you.

The Anderson Family

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