Dog: Lady – Austin, TX

Dog: Lady – Austin, TX (02/22/1997 to 03/10/2008)

Lady, how I remember when we first met, you latched onto my shoelaces and flashed me those big brown eyes – it was love.

You brought joy to my life everyday. If I had a bad day you were always there with a smile on your face, if I was sick you were always curled up next to me with your head on my stomach or leg, if I was upset you were always there to lick my hand or my feet, when I went to bed at night you were there curled up as close as you could get. These are just some of the great memories that keep me going each day and I thank you for each and every one.

You were accepting of so much, new Dad, new brothers and sisters. You taught Dad that when he wasn’t at home his pillow was yours; you were a teacher to Sheba, you taught her that it was ok to “go” on snow; you taught Hansey not to move when you were eating – he learned the hard way when you took a piece of skin off his nose; you taught Sassy, Tasha and Shannon how to use the dog door; you also taught Gunner how to use the dog door, and that you were the cleaner of his bowl when he was done eating, what cabinet the cookies were in, when it was time to let Dad and me know it was dinner time; you taught Grandpa that little dogs were ok; and you taught me the greatest thing – how to really love.

You were a sweet girl with a giant heart and touched the lives of so many. We Love and Miss You Very Much !!!!!

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