Dog: Sam (Yellow Lab) – Fresno, CA

Pet dog Sam - Yellow Lab

Dog: Sam (Yellow Lab) – Fresno, CA (Oct 18, 2004 – May 31, 2016) Sam, it was amazing that out of the 6 males in the litter, Dad and I both picked you out separately. You sweet, cuddly 10 pound puppy, had a hard time away from your litter crying several times a night. Dad would get up, take you potty, and hold and pet you until you were asleep…

Dog: Murray (Yellow Labrador Retriever) – MA

Dog: Murray – Yellow Labrador Retriever (Dec 2002 – May 2015) We lost our beloved family member and the sweetest dog who was mommy’s best friend, we had the happiest 12+ years with you in our lives. We will love you forever, Jennifer, Tom, Kourtney & doggie sister Lucy.

Dog: Bell 2 (Yellow Lab Mix) – Palm Bay, FL

Dog: Bell 2 (Yellow Lab Mix) – Palm Bay, FL (2004 – May 5, 2015) Today my beloved pet my friend, companion, like a daughter I never had, due to health complications, has passed away. I know you are in heaven with Jesus and the rest of the family, see ya soon, my best friend Bell. Thanks for the good times and memories. Love you Miguel …

Dog: Torah (Yellow Lab & Belgian Shepherd Mix) – Carterville, IL

Dog: Torah – Yellow Lab & Belgian Shepherd Mix (2002 – Aug 14, 2014) I first saw Torah at the dog pound and instantly fell in love with her. I knew as her paw reached out to touch my hand, that as long as she lived; I would be her human. I had her loyalty, friendship, and protection. She was to be on the kill list and somehow got skipped…

Dog: Scout (Yellow / Black Lab Mix) – Felton, Delaware

Dog: Scout (Yellow / Black Lab Mix) – Felton, Delaware (Mar 12, 2001 – Feb 17, 2013) Scout, you were the first puppy to venture outside the box. The first to make it all the way into the living room. Your nickname became your name and it described you from day one to your last breath. You were the first of three generations of amazing, smart, sweet, funny, rotten, awesome…

Dog: Tobi (Yellow Lab) – Louisville, KY

Dog: Tobi (Yellow Lab) – Louisville KY (Jun 1, 1999 – Feb 24, 2012) We had to say goodbye to a family member, our dog Tobi, who we lived and shared our lives with for almost thirteen years.  The love she gave us was unconditional, and we hope she felt the same from us. We knew Tobi was special from the moment we chose her out of a litter of…

Dog: Dooley (Yellow Lab) – Binghamton, NY

Dog: Dooley (Yellow Lab) – Binghamton, NY This was our best buddy Dooley was a (AKC Yellow Lab). He was 9 1/2 yrs old when he became too sick to carry on. Dooley was an amazing companion and will never be another like him. So full of life even at 9 yrs was he.

Dog: Kasper – Shenandoah, PA

Dog: Kasper -(1999 – 08/25/2010) This poem is for our beloved dog Kasper, aka Yellow Dog. Kasper was an eleven year old Yellow Lab and will be missed very much!