Pet dog Sam - Yellow Lab

Dog: Sam (Yellow Lab) – Fresno, CA

June 14, 2016 Pet Lover 1

Dog: Sam (Yellow Lab) – Fresno, CA (Oct 18, 2004 – May 31, 2016) Sam, it was amazing that out of the 6 males in the litter, Dad and I both picked you out separately. You sweet, cuddly 10 pound puppy, had a hard time away from your litter crying [more ….]

Dog: Murray (Yellow Labrador Retriever) – MA

June 15, 2015 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Murray – Yellow Labrador Retriever (Dec 2002 – May 2015) We lost our beloved family member and the sweetest dog who was mommy’s best friend, we had the happiest 12+ years with you in our lives. We will love you forever, Jennifer, Tom, Kourtney & doggie sister Lucy.

Dog: Tobi (Yellow Lab) – Louisville, KY

February 27, 2012 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Tobi (Yellow Lab) – Louisville KY (Jun 1, 1999 – Feb 24, 2012) We had to say goodbye to a family member, our dog Tobi, who we lived and shared our lives with for almost thirteen years.  The love she gave us was unconditional, and we hope she felt [more ….]

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Dog: Dooley (Yellow Lab) – Binghamton, NY

January 19, 2012 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Dooley (Yellow Lab) – Binghamton, NY This was our best buddy Dooley was a (AKC Yellow Lab). He was 9 1/2 yrs old when he became too sick to carry on. Dooley was an amazing companion and will never be another like him. So full of life even at [more ….]

Dog: Kasper – Shenandoah, PA

September 6, 2010 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Kasper -(1999 – 08/25/2010) This poem is for our beloved dog Kasper, aka Yellow Dog. Kasper was an eleven year old Yellow Lab and will be missed very much!