Dog: Torah (Yellow Lab & Belgian Shepherd Mix) – Carterville, IL

Pet Dog: Torah (Yellow Lab & Belgian Shepherd mix)
Dog: Torah – Yellow Lab & Belgian Shepherd Mix (2002 – Aug 14, 2014)

I first saw Torah at the dog pound and instantly fell in love with her. I knew as her paw reached out to touch my hand, that as long as she lived; I would be her human. I had her loyalty, friendship, and protection.

She was to be on the kill list and somehow got skipped over. God had other plans, He saved her.

Torah was there to befriend and protect my oldest son. She licked his wounds like the mother she was. She was there to welcome our second son into our family. She was his teddy bear to sleep with, horse to ride, and someone he finally got to to boss around. For me, no other animal has ever shown me such dedication and love as she did. She was that one animal that stood out above all others.

Sometimes I swore she could understand my emotions and feelings, especially when no one else could. She was our door greeter, guard dog and most of all she was part of our family.

I’m going to miss her sitting next to me when I’m cutting hair or when I would get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom…guess what, she was right there. I’ll miss the long car rides when there was no room in the back seat so she’d jump her 65 lbs body on my lap the whole way there!

Or no matter what I had leftover for supper, she was eager to be the first one to get a taste of the dish of the day. No matter how bad my food was, she was sure to like it!

I had no idea I would be feeling such sorrow and grief. She will never be forgotten.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
– Anatole France

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