Dog: Scout (Yellow / Black Lab Mix) – Felton, Delaware

Pet Dog: Scout - Yellow / Black Lab Mix
Dog: Scout (Yellow / Black Lab Mix) – Felton, Delaware (Mar 12, 2001 – Feb 17, 2013)

Scout, you were the first puppy to venture outside the box. The first to make it all the way into the living room. Your nickname became your name and it described you from day one to your last breath.

You were the first of three generations of amazing, smart, sweet, funny, rotten, awesome dogs to go to the big farm in the sky. You are so lucky because you get to see Scruffy again.

You will get to meet Midnight Sue, Benji and Fluffy and they will welcome you to the pack and show you around. Don’t be scared or sad.

You will get to run and sling dirt with your feet and maybe …. you will get to look down and know that species doesn’t matter.

You were our best good friend, brother, son and “daddy” to our little girl Atlas, who you taught all you knew. You mattered and left a big hole and we will never forget you.

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