Dog: Tobi (Yellow Lab) – Louisville, KY

Dog: Tobi - Yellow lab
Dog: Tobi (Yellow Lab) – Louisville KY (Jun 1, 1999 – Feb 24, 2012)

We had to say goodbye to a family member, our dog Tobi, who we lived and shared our lives with for almost thirteen years.  The love she gave us was unconditional, and we hope she felt the same from us.

We knew Tobi was special from the moment we chose her out of a litter of eight puppies.  She was the only one with a pink nose, a slightly scrunched up face, and an overall unique personality.  From the moment we brought her home, she continued to have special qualities throughout her entire life.  She had a presence that cannot be explained.  Her sweet disposition made her everybody’s friend.  Tobi loved being around people, and people loved being around Tobi.

A void is now left in our hearts, but we are left with many wonderful memories.  Some are good, some are funny, and some are just…oh Tobi!

Here are a few fun qualities that made Tobi the amazing dog that she was:

· She wagged her tail so happily and so hard she would knock things off the coffee table.
· Her favorite foods included pizza, popcorn, and peanut butter.
· She rang a bell on the door if she wanted to go outside, and knocked on the door with her paw when she was ready to come in.  She also could open the storm door on her own.
· She would always bring you something when you walked in the door – a pillow, a blanket, a bone, whatever she could quickly grab.
· She had a favorite chair, and she would simply join you if you were in it when she wanted it.
· When giving her a bath, it was always a toss-up as to who would get more wet – you or her.
· She was 90 pounds and thought she was a lap dog.
· She loved the vacuum cleaner, and had to be vacuumed first before you did the floors.
· No squirrel or cat was allowed to visit our yard, but a nest of baby bunnies was closely watched and never harmed.
· She enjoyed napping in the snow in the winter, and lying in the sun in the summer.
· She was perfectly fine sleeping in on weekends, but was the first one up during the week.
· She always enjoyed going for a car ride, and somehow knew just before we arrived at our destination by showing a sudden burst of excitement.

Through the years, she welcomed new members to the family.  She graciously shared attention with the new baby, (granddaughter), who tenderly pulled at Tobi’s ears and tail, attempted to ride like a horse, and then would give special treats in exchange for puppy-dog kisses.  Tobi accepted the dog sitting at our house for other family member’s dogs – she knew she was queen at this house – no worries.   Tobi treated everyone with the same love she had from the moment she was born.  And even though Tobi’s last days were sometimes difficult, she never once showed an ugly side.

Thank you Tobi for filling our lives with years of joy and happiness.  We love you and will miss you always.

Your family.

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