Dog: Sam (Yellow Lab) – Fresno, CA

Pet dog Sam - Yellow Lab

Dog: Sam (Yellow Lab) – Fresno, CA (Oct 18, 2004 – May 31, 2016)

Sam, it was amazing that out of the 6 males in the litter, Dad and I both picked you out separately. You sweet, cuddly 10 pound puppy, had a hard time away from your litter crying several times a night.

Dad would get up, take you potty, and hold and pet you until you were asleep again. You grew to a strong, muscle bound 110 pounder who could go 12 hours without needing to go out and protected and comforted us.

Later we missed you so much when we traveled that we bought a RV so you could go too. 38 states and Canada.

You loved everyone especially the grandkids. We would tell you that Jake, Tyler, Ellie, Adi, or Emmy were coming over and you would be waiting at the door for them.

We had so much fun. Hiking, boat rides, traveling, cuddling, and eating.

We miss you terribly. I expect to see you waiting for us when we come home or walk upstairs. In my mind I see you sitting on Sam’s Hill at Sam’s Park. Dad is having a hard time remembering to eat every 2 hours as he had come to rely on you.

You’ll always be in our hearts. Love you.

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  1. May Sam Rest In Eternal Peace. I know how your family feels. I lost my Diamond last March. Just keep his memory alive. He’ll always be with you.

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