Dog: Riley – Lab Mix

pet dog Riley - Lab Mix

Dog: Riley (Lab Mix) – (Died June 1, 2017) The pain I am feeling right now pales in comparison to the love and happiness that I shared with Riley. She was a rescue, but it was she who did the rescuing.

Dog: Cooper (Lab) – Shenandoah Valley & Charlottesville, Virginia

Dog Cooper - black Lab

Dog: Cooper (Lab) – Shenandoah Valley & Charlottesville, Virginia (June 25, 2005 – April 11, 2017) “We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. ​ Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan.” — Irving Townsend….

Dog: Sophie (Lab mix) – Statesville, NC

Dog: Sophie (Lab mix)

Dog: Sophie (Lab mix) – Statesville, NC (2002 – Jul 23, 2016) My sweet baby girl. I will miss u so much. U were always there for me following me around. We were connected at the heart. U will always have a special place in my heart. We will meet again. Run free baby girl. I love u so much!

Dog: Lexi (Black Labrador) – Andover, MA

Pet Dog - Lexi - Black Labrador

Dog: Lexi (Black Labrador) – Andover, MA (Aug 25, 2002 – Mar 3, 2016) We rescued Lexi 9 years ago and she has been a blessing to our family ever since. She was loved for her loyalty, protection and unconditional love. She helped get her family through some of the worst times and always gave us a reason to smile. She enjoyed playing in the snow, swimming in the ocean,…

Dog: Sunshine (Lab – Staffordshire Terrier Mix)

Sunshine was a Lab and Staffordshire terrier mix who came into my life in 2005 when my son brought her home from Alaska. She visited off and on until I formally became hers in September 2008… Noticing a sudden slowing down in January along with noticeable weight loss she was diagnosed with lymphoma in February. She also had arthritis and her back, hips and legs were painful. The last few…

Dog: Chucky (Clarence) Bojangles (Lab mix) – Felton, DE

Dog: Chucky (Clarence) Bojangles (Lab mix) – Felton, DE (1999 – Oct 24, 2013) My daughter wrote this about Mr.Chucky!! We will all miss him so much! 14 yrs ago, Abbie had these tiny little balls of fur. Mr. Chucky was one of them. He is the sweetest dog. He is black with a white ring around his nose, on his chest. He looks like he is wearing a tux…

Dog: Jared Robert (Lab) – Dover, DE

Dog: Jared Robert (Lab) – Dover, DE (1997 – May 3, 2012) Jared was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor on his pancreas at the age of 15. We know we are really lucky to have had him with us for 15 years, but his loss has been so painfully difficult that it’s taken a month for me to even be able to send this information. I found him on…

Dog: Richie (Border Collie / Lab) – Brisbane, Australia

Dog: Richie (Border Collie / Lab mix) Brisbane, Australia (Sep 2012 – Jan 12, 2013) Richie was quite simply the most beautiful gentle thing I have ever known. His life was very short which is tragic. He was loved deeply and will forever remain in our hearts. God bless you Richie. May you rest in peace Amen. Love Steve, Yvette & Lola.

Dog: Nunzio (Mastiff / Lab / Boxer / Rottweiler) – Edmonton, Alberta

Dog: Nunzio (Mastiff / Lab / Boxer / Rottweiler) – Edmonton, Alberta (May 5, 1994 – Jan 25, 2012) Our dog passed away January 25, 2012 after a developing cancer in the spleen.  He was strong and sweet until he simply couldn’t walk anymore and the vet said it was his time. Nunzio ‘Maddog’ McDonnell was a blend of Mastiff, Lab, Boxer, and Rottweiler.  We got him as a pup,…

Dog: Freddie – Warrensburg, MO

Dog: Freddie (Lab / Greyhound mix) Warrensburg, MO (2001 – 11/01/2010) Freddie was my gentle giant, my little buddy as I would always call him, even if he weighed well over 100lbs. He passed away very suddenly, and is sorely missed by his sister Sandy, brother Fudge, and the rest of the members of our family and friends.