Dog: Sunshine (Lab – Staffordshire Terrier Mix)

Sunshine was a Lab and Staffordshire terrier mix who came into my life in 2005 when my son brought her home from Alaska. She visited off and on until I formally became hers in September 2008…

Noticing a sudden slowing down in January along with noticeable weight loss she was diagnosed with lymphoma in February. She also had arthritis and her back, hips and legs were painful. The last few days her legs wobbled and she preferred to lie down on her tummy.

She was a “black tornado” ! She ran, trotted, galloped, jumped…no walking! Water was her obsession… Pools, Sprinklers, Hoses…not baths, though! She spoke loudly and forcefully to indicate readiness for food and fun! But loved to snuggle and sleep – obviously dreaming of chasing something as her legs slammed into my back, face, etc!

Her name, Sunshine, described her personality …. bright, energetic, happy and filled with anticipation of the possibilities of ball catching, walks, water splashing and rock pushing (an activity stopped due to yard and nose damage) oh, and food! And, um, snacks & chewy bones!

She could no longer do any of her favorite things and she was hurting. I said goodbye to her this morning.

I feel so lost … The house is so empty and quiet. And no warm, comforting, furry body next to me, no warm wet licky kisses, no beautiful brown eyes. I know I did the right thing by taking away her pain …and there was no hope of her getting better.

She gave me her love, devotion and trust. I feel privileged to have had such an amazing friend. The tears I cry are selfish ones because I miss her. If there is a “doggie heaven” I know she is there running, jumping, splashing and feeling no pain!

I love you, my girl.

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