Dog: Chucky (Clarence) Bojangles (Lab mix) – Felton, DE

Pet Dog: Chucky (Clarence) Bojangles (Lab mix)
Dog: Chucky (Clarence) Bojangles (Lab mix) – Felton, DE (1999 – Oct 24, 2013)

My daughter wrote this about Mr.Chucky!! We will all miss him so much!

14 yrs ago, Abbie had these tiny little balls of fur. Mr. Chucky was one of them. He is the sweetest dog. He is black with a white ring around his nose, on his chest. He looks like he is wearing a tux so that’s why he is called “Mr”.

I didn’t … name him. We moved to Delaware and he was supposed to move into our house with Jared (his dad), Abbie (his mom) and penny (his sister) but he and Jared fought all the time and my mom and bill offered to keep him.

He is going to go be with Jared and Scout (his son) tomorrow in heaven. I am so sad to see him go. In 2013, we have lost half of our dogs — the entire male population spanning 3 generations. He has the gentlest soul.

His prized possession is a squeaker ball. He never learned any tricks or what move means but he knows how to love and play ball and that’s all you can ask of a dog.

I always thought he looked like eyeore. We liked to call him Clarence because he reminded us of our uncle. Laid back and kind. He never bit or growled. He never pulled on a leash when getting walked.

He is just this sweet, perfect little dog. I hope his squeaker ball makes the trip with him I want to add to what she said…..

He loved his daddy Bill so much and would bounce up and down when he came home from work. He really loved his other mom/sister Jen too.

He always got so excited to see her and his other sisters Audrey and Katy and he really loved the grandson Sean E, and Sean E called him his “best friend”.

I could write a book too about him but will stop now and say “have a wonderful time in doggy heaven my dear baby!”

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