Dog: Nunzio (Mastiff / Lab / Boxer / Rottweiler) – Edmonton, Alberta

pet dog: Nunzio (Mastiff / Lab / Boxer / Rotweiller
Dog: Nunzio (Mastiff / Lab / Boxer / Rottweiler) – Edmonton, Alberta
(May 5, 1994 – Jan 25, 2012)

Our dog passed away January 25, 2012 after a developing cancer in the spleen.  He was strong and sweet until he simply couldn’t walk anymore and the vet said it was his time.

Nunzio ‘Maddog’ McDonnell was a blend of Mastiff, Lab, Boxer, and Rottweiler.  We got him as a pup, all fat and wrinkly.  That was 8 years ago and during those years we grew to love him like no other.  He was smart, strong, stubborn and sweet, with a friendly, lovable disposition.  His big size and beautiful brindle coat make kids love him and Nunzio loved them right back.

He was happiest in the house with a nice cow ear or other special treat and would go into a happy trance when you scratched him just so.  He was generous with kisses, and could be bribed into doing tricks for dad.

Nunzio you were more than we ever hoped for and gave us love and special memories each and every day.  We love you so very much and will miss scratching you just right, rubbing your soft-as-butter ears, and sharing cuddles & kisses.

Thank you for being so absolutely perfect.  You are well loved and much missed.

Keith, Denaige & Arcana McDonnell

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