Cat: Pickles – Carson City, NV

September 11, 2009 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Pickles – Carson City, NV (04/1993 – 09/08/2009) Pickles was our Warrior Hunter! He could catch anything on land in the waters or up in the sky – from mice to bats. As fierce as of a hunter as he was, Pickles was a lover every night sitting on [more ….]

Cat: Katrina – Sacramento, CA

August 30, 2009 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Katrina – Sacramento, CA (1989 – 12/31/2008) My Beloved Katrina, a domestic short hair, was the most intelligent, wise, special cat I could have ever hoped to know. And I had earnestly hoped and wished for a gray cat for exactly one year prior to rescuing Katrina. I would [more ….]

Cat: Wendi – Burtonsville, MD

August 26, 2009 Pet Lover 0

Wendi was a beautiful kitty, taken away too soon. Wendi was a domestic short hair cat. The vets worked on her for 12 hours before determining the injuries were too severe and she traveled to the bridge at 7:45 in JT’s arms. Her death was very tragic and has made [more ….]

Cat: Spinner – Ontario, Canada

August 23, 2009 Pet Lover 1

Cat: Spinner )Domestic / Short hair) – Ontario, Canada (1991 – Aug 16, 2009) Spinner, also known as Spin, Spun, Spinneroo and Buddy, was a wonderful loving furry friend for 18 years. He loved his human dad most. Spinner was a talker and had long conversations with us, all the [more ….]

Dog: Mimi – Dallas, GA

July 16, 2009 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Mimi – Dallas, GA (10/17/1999 – 07/15/2009) Mimi, a  Toy Chihuahua, was a spunky old gal who lived life to the fullest. She loved going Bye-Bye and she loved cold slushies on a hot GA Summer day. She was truly loved. Mimi came into our lives so quickly and [more ….]

Cat: Sadie – Milwaukee, WI

April 5, 2009 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Sadie – Milwaukee, WI  (05/29/2002 – 04/05/2009) Sadie was the most loving cat a person could ever have. She was very playful, observant (she paid attention to EVERYTHING I did!) and had a keen sense of when tuna was in the house. One day I had bought tuna…I had [more ….]

Cat: Pegs – Houston, TX

February 25, 2009 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Pegs – Houston, TX (10/1995 to 02/2009) Pegs was a sweetheart of a cat and named after my mother, Peggy. She showed up on our back doorstep on a cold October night. She sat, looking in the glass door meowing for someone to notice her. We gave her a bowl [more ….]

Cat: Winston – Syracuse, NY

March 15, 2008 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Winston – Syracuse, NY (2/10/2008) With eyes were always watching And ready to run from the hands that fed him. He lived with us for 18 years. The memory of great cats did not deter him from his ferol ways of isolation and caterwauling. He was a common thread for [more ….]

Cat: “Boots” – Miami, FL

March 10, 2008 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Boots – Miami, FL (09/02/1999 to 03/12/2008) My little Boots, you are now gone but never forgotten. The bond we developed between us was so strong. You would just cuddled in my arms at night and sleep. You loved sitting on my lap while I played on the computer. My [more ….]