Cat: Rusty – Ontario, Canada

Cat: Rusty on quilt
Cat: Rusty (Orange Longhair Tabby)– Waterloo, Ontario / Canada
(Adopted 09/1990 – 10/26/2009)

To our Rusty,

After a healthy, happy purr-fect life of 19 years, you crossed the Rainbow Bridge and are now with your buddy, Spinner, who died in August. (

The vet said that it’s common for pets, like people, to die close together. We know you missed Spin. We know that it was your time and we are glad that you were at home.

This is your tribute, Rusters, and we celebrate your life and thank you for being a part of our lives for so long. You were my first cat. I remember getting you home, an orange fluff ball in my hand. You were protective and you hissed when my husband arrived in our lives a month later.

You soon learned to love and respect each other. Spinner was adopted shortly after and he taught you how to be a cat. Fast friends right away. You were the obvious patriarch, looking after Spin, washing his face, letting him snuggle with you.

Cat: Rusty with Spinner

You were my shadow, always just a step or arms length away. You loved to lie right on our chests, on our hearts and just stare at our faces. You loved your chin being scratched and those white whiskers would just perk right up. You were always at the frig when the cool air rushed out. How many times did we step on you because you were under our feet?

You were licking ice cubes on hot summer days.. You loved licking a fruit yogurt container when I was almost done. You loved licking peanut butter off my fingertips. The smell of tuna created a quick and vocal reaction. You loved rolling around on the front porch concrete on your back. You knew what ‘dinner’, ‘treats’, ‘drink’ meant. You were such a talker, trilling and meowing all the time.

We miss our chats. As you lost your hearing, your meows were so loud we figure because you couldn’t hear yourself.You loved to play hide and seek with hubbie, racing around the kitchen island. Round and round you’d both go, having so much fun!

We thought you had used up your 9 lives when you got so sick October 2008 but we nursed you back to health for 6 weeks. You lost a lot of muscle and you really were a little ‘bag of bones’ only weighing around 6 lbs.

You kept on going, up and down the stairs, jumping into the jacuzzi tub to slurp water out of the dripping tap or whatever sink was closest. After your illness, you became a lap lover. We figure you just were seeking warmth, heat and comfort but we loved that. If there was a lap waiting, you were always on a mission to settle in and claim it.

There is such an emptiness in our lives now with you and Spin gone. We’re comforted knowing that you’re at peace and pain free but we miss you both terribly. Little Groucho misses you both too and we’re giving him extra cuddles and pats to help him.

You’ll be in our hearts forever and ever. Love you and miss you, our wonderful friend.

Cat: Rusty on sofa


  1. Love you buddy, miss you every single day, it’s almost 10 years, tearing as we write this…. you were so precious. xxoo til we meet again…

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