Cat: Chelsea – San Mateo, CA

Cat: Chelsea – San Mateo, CA (03/2006 – 07/17/2009)

Chelsea (Himalayan/Siamese) was one of a kind. Named after a rare / unreleased Counting Crows song.

She was our baby, bottle fed for many weeks by me and my daughter. She was the best cuddler ever [when SHE chose to be].

Her life was short and her death tragic. Lost to a Coyote.  I can’t think of a worse way to go for a cat.

She was an indoor cat but on very hot days loved to lounge in the sun.

I pray it was quick and blind-sided her. I pray I can get the vision, panic and fear she felt out of my heart.

I pray she is happy in cat-forever-land.

She is survived by her feline Brother, August, and memorialized by our newest feline addition, Coconut.

Cat - Chelsea

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