Cat: Sisco (Shorthair) – New Orleans, LA

pet cat Sico - Shorthair
Cat: Sisco (Shorthair) – New Orleans, LA (1997- Dec 5, 2015)

My name is Harriet and I am 20 years old. Today my cat Sisco was laid to rest. He was in the ending stages of liver failure and my mother told me it was his time to go. We got Sisco as a kitten around the same time I had turned two.

This cat has been with me as long as I can remember. He lived to be almost 19 years old! He had a very loud warbley meow because he could never hear very well. He had a little white patch on his skin and very pretty freckled eyes.

He was very tiny for a full grown male and he had a bit of a Napoleon complex because of it! He really really liked cheese (his most favorite being string) and he loved his wet food.

He always knew when it was 7 o’clock (feeding time). In the later years he slept more often than he was awake but he would sometimes find the time to play with our other 1 year old cat Trail Cat.

I am here writing this because I am very sad and I already miss him dearly. I hope this will help me receive some closure. When it was time for him to go I knew I would not be able to hold it together in the room with him so I waited in the lobby.

When my mom took him from me I was in so much shock that I just handed him over. I did not look him in the eye again I forgot to tell him I’d see him again. I am so scared that he died not knowing how much I cared for him.

This obituary here is more of a letter to him than remembrance.

Dear Sisco,

I know it probably wasn’t fun being hospiced in the bathroom these last two months. I’m very sorry for that. I want to thank you for being my cat, for trying to eat my pancakes when I was 5 years old. Thank you for always sitting next to me on the couch and putting up with my cat selfies.

I knew you would have to go some day but I truly wasn’t prepared. I’m sorry for not being more vocal to you in the last hours. I’m so sorry I let this happen. I truly love you Sisco, you’ve grown up along side me and you’ve sat through everything.

I’m sorry for not spending more time with you. I should have brought you into my room on your little bed sometimes. However I can’t take back the past and I hope you’ll understand. I know you didn’t like to go outside so I’m going to make you a plaque to stay in the living room.

I hope there’s lots of cheese for you wherever you are and someone there to brush your chin and scratch your nose. I’m so sorry and I love you so much. I hope you can forgive me for not being strong enough.

I’ll see you later,


  1. Looking back once again at 28. There are a few discrepancies but ultimately the truth. I was young and living much too quickly. I know now to slow down and cherish our friends. They live much shorter lives, its best to love them all you can while they’re present. I still love and miss my cat dearly. He was such a doll. RIP Sisco.

  2. looking back on this at 25 and im still super sad about it. RIP to my cat Sisco. You were simply the best.

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