Dog: Fluffy (German Spitz) – Ranchi, India

August 27, 2014 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Fluffy (German Spitz) – Ranchi, India (Dec 10, 2006 – Aug 22, 2014) Fluffy was the cutest, most obedient, most innocent, very very intelligent, over friendly, world’s best baby. She was our best friend. Her cute antics made her the most lovable and adorable part of our family. She [more ….]

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Cat: Bumby “BeeBee (Ragdoll) – Denver, CO

August 25, 2014 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Bumby “BeeBee (Ragdoll) – Denver, CO (Jul 1, 2001 – Aug 21, 2014) Dearest Bumby, Bringing home a kitten is a countdown to sorrow. While we never know when that final day will be, it’s always an incomprehensible shock – no different than your final day on August 21st. [more ….]

Cat: Murphy

August 10, 2014 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Murphy (Apr 18, 2009 – Aug 6, 2014) It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of Murphy Holbrook crossing over the Rainbow Bridge on August 6, 2014 resulting from a suspected undetected brain aneurysm. Murphy was born on April 18, 2009 to his mother Sonnrae [more ….]