Cat: Murphy

Pet Cat: Murphy
Cat: Murphy (Apr 18, 2009 – Aug 6, 2014)

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of Murphy Holbrook crossing over the Rainbow Bridge on August 6, 2014 resulting from a suspected undetected brain aneurysm. Murphy was born on April 18, 2009 to his mother Sonnrae Maslow’s Mystikal Jynx and father Iceblupalace Smoke Deez Nutz at the Pawz in the Sand Cattery in Memphis, TN.

He was adopted by the Holbrook’s at the age of five weeks then resided at his home in Kingsport, TN for the entire duration of his life where he graciously allowed his human companions to live (with the understand they would provide plenty of food and warm places to nap).

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Other than his love for food and long naps, Murphy also enjoyed sunbathing and cuddling with warm clothes that were taken from the dryer. He was a cat of great character and was known for his unusually friendly disposition. He was always loving except on a few occasions when his human mother insisted that he receive his bi-annual “lion cut”. Never showing anger or temper…but embarrassment for his new “do” he would go into hiding for several days, and would refuse to associate family members.

Murphy is survived by his human family; adopted Himalayan brother Amos Junior (AJ); adopted Schnauzer sister Mollie Rose; adopted OES sister Stella Mae; and adopted hedgehog sister Paisley Jane. He also leaves behind special friends Sophie and Allie.

His companionship, love, cuddles, and morning kisses will be missed. Though is presence is no longer among us he has forever left his paw print in our hearts.

Arrangements are being handled by Faithful Friend Crematory in Abington, VA.

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