Cat: Toby (Short Hair Tabby) Etobicoke – Ontario, Canada

Pet Cat: Toby (Short Hair Tabby)
Cat: Toby (Short Hair Tabby) Etobicoke – Ontario, Canada (Mar 1, 1998 – Jan 28, 2014)

I will remember Toby and how he came into our lives. While in a room filled with kittens, trying to decide which one we shall take, this one handsome boy came across the room, climbed on top of my foot, plonked his little bottom and looked up at me at mewed. That was it, the decision was made.

Our little man was born March 1, 1998, and suddenly without any pre-signs or warnings, he left us on January 28, 2014.

EVERYBODY loved Toby, and no matter what new face arrived at our home, Toby was “Poppa” to all of them. There was never a scrap as to who was going to lay with him, it seemed as though it was a given, that each would share their turn snuggled up with him.

Our gentle giant, my little boy. He is so sadly missed. Even now as I try to write a small tribute to him, I am having to take breaks for tears welling in my eyes.

He loved his back yard, and rolling in the grass. This was Toby’s time, to stalk in the tall blades, and then stop to munch on said blades.

No matter where he is now, there are others that have already claimed him as “their” new Poppa. We Love you baby boy, and miss you so so much.

Be at rest until we meet again.

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