Cat: Sprout McGuire – Radford, VA

Pet cat: Sprout McGuire
Cat: Sprout McGuire – Radford, VA (Aug 30, 2001 – Feb 6, 2014)

Gone too soon was a love,
I shall never capture or hold
Ever again, in my heart, like it was.
I am left with only a spirit of the love I had for him.

Always reminded each day and night
What true love and joy Sprout gave me.
A memory that can only last, til I take my last breath, and a dream of seeing my baby again in God’s house.
It’s not wealth or the finest possessions that show our true feelings.

It is the part missing from our hearts when we lose something more valuable.
Every minute of each day there is always seconds of a thought, of a love you cherish and lost.
For if there is a better place for Sprout, I want to be there. For the better part of me, has left me.
Never to forget the love, and joy, Sprout gave me.

I will always doubt myself,….
If I gave to him, as much.
Missing you, my son,
I love you Sprout, forever!

Ron M.

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