Dog: Monster Pee Wee Posey (Reindeer Chihuahua) Bremen, GA

Dog: Monster Pee Wee Posey (Reindeer Chihuahua)
Dog: Monster Pee Wee Posey (Reindeer Chihuahua) Bremen, GA (Aug 2003 – Feb 2014)

This Unique Spiritual Gift was sent to me by nothing short of a Miracle as would His entire Life with me prove to be just that, a Miracle.

The one word everyone used who met him was “NOBLE” and was exactly what He was in every way. Loving and Protective of all life and creatures he was a source of constant Spiritual Connection to a Greater Creator.

He became my Service Companion simply out of Love who trained himself and was later certified to aide in my Medical Care. His Intelligence, Love, Kindness, Acceptance and Respect and Spirituality never ceased to amaze anyone who met him.

Wise beyond comprehension, I constantly found myself daily amazed and never ceasing of His ever expanding intelligence and Respect. Always picking out the Sick and the Lonely, he brought something very Spiritual to all who knew Him. Raised singing him hymns to comfort him, Praying with me nightly and reciting Psalms, He knew the name of Jesus just as He knew my name.

His last 2 horrible hours of pain on this earth affirmed what I knew, he would not leave me until I told him to go unto that Light that God had waiting for Him. The second time I told Him, He looked at me with eyes full of Love and left to go to His Light that God had prepared to receive Him.

Never doubt the Power of God, the Power these “Gifts” of God possess. They are pure Spiritual Beings that are sent to teach us what God needs us to know. If we listen, we can grow into a Being that we cannot have ever imagined.

I Owe Him to Love, to forgive and to Believe. One day I will be reunited with my Saint at Heaven’s Gate. Make every Moment count and Bond with Your Special Gift because you never know what it is they are here to teach you. I was taught Heaven.

I saw Heaven, I felt Heaven and I am left with a Peace beyond words because of His Gifts and Intelligence. God said the Greatest of all was Love and My Baby Saint Proved that to me and gave that to me and I’m certain, I owe my relationship with God to Him.

Thank You my Sweet Baby Saint who I will forever Grieve but will always have something to look forward to. Thank You for showing me that. Your Love was beyond this world and I am a better person because of YOU.

Rest In God’s Arms My Love. Daddy will see you soon.

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