Dog: Daisy – Hyderabad, India

Daisy- Golden Labrador
Dog: Daisy (Golden Lab mix) – Hyderabad, India (06/2009 – 06/10/2010)

Our daughter Daisy came to us on 5th Sept 2009 when she was 3 months old & she immediately stole our hearts with her crazy antics.

She dug tunnels in our sofa, tore every mattress that she ever sat on, was the leader of our “puppy gang”, carried her toys with her where ever she went, guarded the food during feeding time, grunted merrily in her sleep ………………  The list is endless. She taught us how to live & love.

On the unfortunate morning of 20th June 2010, she breathed her last & left for her heavenly abode. She has left a huge void in our home & in our hearts.

Daisy was a source of comfort & companionship, of unconditional love & acceptance, of fun & joy.

We are devastated by the loss of such a beautiful relationship. With her we have lost a piece of ourselves as well.

Daisy where ever you are. I hope u know that Mamma-Papa will love u always & you are in our hearts forever & ever.

R.I.P. dear one!

Ankush & Aparna

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