Dog: Daisy – Hyderabad, India

June 30, 2010 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Daisy (Golden Lab mix) – Hyderabad, India (06/2009 – 06/10/2010) Our daughter Daisy came to us on 5th Sept 2009 when she was 3 months old & she immediately stole our hearts with her crazy antics. She dug tunnels in our sofa, tore every mattress that she ever sat [more ….]

Dog: Mercedes – Dalmatian

June 22, 2010 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Mercedes – Dalmatian (08/01/1995 – 06/21/2010) My Mercedes Ann was my best friend. She was a Dalmatian that blessed this earth from August 1, 1995 until June 21, 2010. She was always by my side. I am lost without her. I do not know how to adapt to life [more ….]

Dog: Madison – Old English Sheepdog

June 4, 2010 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Madison – Old English Sheepdog (11/17/2000 to 04/30/2010) Maddie was preceded in death by his beloved big brother Morgan who died on September 27, 2009. Madison (Maddie) was a special, loving best friend who died unexpectedly of Bloat. Please visit for more information on bloat.