Dog: Mercedes – Dalmatian

Dog: Mercedes - Dalmatian
Dog: Mercedes – Dalmatian (08/01/1995 – 06/21/2010)

My Mercedes Ann was my best friend.

She was a Dalmatian that blessed this earth from August 1, 1995 until June 21, 2010.

She was always by my side. I am lost without her. I do not know how to adapt to life without her. I will miss her eternally.

Mercedes was the best dog anyone could ever want. As a youngster, she loved to play fetch with a tennis ball.

She would retrieve it, drop it in front of you, and stare at you and the ball until you threw it again. I loved playing with her.

As she got older arthritis set in. Now she is free from pain, but my pain has just begun as I try to go on without her.

I love you Mercedes.

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