Dog: Madison – Old English Sheepdog

Madison - Old English Sheepdog
Dog: Madison – Old English Sheepdog (11/17/2000 to 04/30/2010)

Maddie was preceded in death by his beloved big brother Morgan who died on September 27, 2009.

Madison (Maddie) was a special, loving best friend who died unexpectedly of Bloat. Please visit for more information on bloat.

After Morgan died Maddie enjoyed spending all his time inside following my every move. He especially enjoyed our nightly walk with Oliver our black lab and exploring new trails or visiting the neighborhood horses.

He used his herding skills by always walking on the outside as to protect young Oliver from on coming cars on the street. Maddie was truly the alpha dog to bigger brother Morgan, always making sure Morgan knew his place.

Maddie would patrol the perimeter of our fence while Morgan would have to stay on the deck when neighborhood dogs ventured too close.

Though he was aging, slowing down, and losing weight and had a difficult time adjusting to Morgan’s death, Maddie sudden death has been unbelievably difficult for our family to deal with. We will never forget Maddie’s sweet disposition, and how happy and content he was to just be next to us.

On Monday, May 17th at 1:00 pm we said goodbye for now to Maddie and Morgan as we buried them together at Precious Memories Pet Cemetery in Greensboro beside our first Sheepdog Max (the very first dog buried in the cemetery) who died September 14, 1999. Although we know there is only one best place to bury a good dog, that’s in our hearts forever.

We would like to thank Dr. Mark Whitley of Cobb Animal Clinic for his excellent compassionate care over the years for these special OES’s Max, Morgan and Maddie. We would also like to thank Lori Hudson Fury Friends Grooming; she loved both Morgan and Maddie and did a great job keeping them looking so great. Well Done thy Good and Faithful Servant

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