Rabbit Lulu - Lionhead Bunny

Rabbit: Lulu (Lionhead Bunny) – UT

May 15, 2016 Pet Lover 0

Rabbit: Lulu (Lionhead Bunny) – UT (Died May 13, 2016) I bought Lulu from a local farm and feed store. I knew she was sick from the time I brought her home. She had seen the vet and we were told she would be okay. I scheduled the appointment for [more ….]

Rabbit: Lelouch (Lop Bunny) – Peru

June 18, 2014 Pet Lover 0

Rabbit: Lelouch (Lop Bunny) – Peru (May 18, 2011 – Apr 22, 2014) Lelouch was a cute lop bunny. He came into our lives in 2011. Since then, he gave us so many beautiful times and he touched our hearts in many ways. He loved to eat vegetables and fruits… [more ….]

Rabbit: Zelda – Sacramento, CA

March 17, 2008 Pet Lover 1

Rabbit: Zelda¬†– Sacramento, CA (Jan – 1997 to Mar -2008) In our eyes, Zelda was the most special black and white rabbit. Not many rabbits live 11 years, the last 5 with cancer. Not many rabbits have a family that loved her so much.¬†Not many rabbits have a doctor who [more ….]